Valorant Gift Cards: Where and How to Redeem them

Valorant gift cards are a great way to give the gift of gaming. You can purchase Valorant gift cards in many stores around the US, or you can buy them online from an authorized retailer like Once your friend has received their valorant card, they will be able to use it to unlock cosmetics and battle pass items on valorant website!

If you want to buy valorant gift cards, the best place is because they offer the most variety of options for buying valorant points online. You can also redeem your Valorant Points from other retailers like GameStop or Best Buy if you walked in and used your card that way!

If someone buys a physical valorant card and you want to use it, they will need a code that’s on the packaging of the valorant cards. You can also contact valorant for assistance in redeeming your gift card if needed.

You cannot redeem gift cards from a different region than your own region; this includes both physical and digital valorant point purchases! There is no way to convert the currencies of Steam or Amazon gift cards either.

Valorant Points are not transferable between accounts so please carefully plan who you’re sending them too! There are many ways to earn Valorant Points: leveling up by playing games, completing challenges or watching ads- but only one way to spend points – purchasing items directly on valorant’s website. Valorant Points can be used for unlocking cosmetics or purchasing the valorant battle pass!

If you want to earn valorant points, the best way is by playing games! You can play as much as you like and level up your account. Once it’s reached a certain point or cross another milestone you will be able to redeem many valorant points for different items on their website.

Valarnt Points are not transferable between accounts so please carefully plan who to send them too! If they’re being sent via email, make sure that every recipient has access to an alternate account before sending them because if someone wants to trade in Valorant Points, they cannot do it without an account with valorant itself.