Virgo Horoscope for January 2022

The Virgo’s planetary ruler is Mercury and is inclined to nature and Earth. They are diligent, talented, skilled, and quickly adapt to any environment. They are very good at arts, music, and literature. They have a flair for social work. Generally, Virgo’s are famous for their punctuality, housekeeping, etc. They blend more easily with water signs and earth signs.

Virgo Horoscope for January 2022

General Overview: 

  • Married couples cherish each other’s company and enjoy living in harmony and with great intimacy.
  • Students prosper this month and achieve success in their academic careers.
  • Students can get financial assistance for further advancement courses.
  • Your mother may suffer from health issues. So pay attention to your mother’s health.


  • Lovers would take care of their beloved ones with increased affection.
  • Married couples have to deal with matters more carefully concerning their spouses. It can strengthen the marriage bond if they develop the quality of adjusting and ignore others’ mistakes. Then there is no issue of making mountains out of moles.

Dosha Pariharam for Marital Harmony: Perform Venus Pooja


  • Your financial status will improve and show a promising future.
  • You will spend money on buying new clothes.
  • You might incur some unexpected expenditures that you have to handle in the future. Therefore, avoid spending on unnecessary items and spend wisely to control your expenses.

Dosha Remedies for Financial Solutions: Perform Lakshmi Pooja to increase your financial conditions.


  • This month is a favorable one to make progress.
  • Government Employees will shine and earn a good reputation at the workplace.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with the management and win their confidence.
  • Private sectors employees can expect a promotion with a hike in salary, which in turn, fetches you respect and reward from your colleagues.


  • Those indulging in joint ventures may progress forward and fetch high profits.
  • This month is best suited for the business partnership, and you will have the chance to develop partnership business in foreign countries.
  • Even dreamers who plan to start a business will have the opportunity to venture into business this month.
  • If you plan to invest money to start new industries, this is the right time.


  • Virgo professionals working in the private sector must be cautious in dealing with superiors and office management. It may lead to some misunderstandings with them. So avoid unnecessary verbal communications.
  • Professionals in the communication field will have the opportunity to find a suitable job.
  • Government professionals will get appreciation at their workplace.

Dosha Remedies For Career and Business Solutions: Seek blessings from God Sun by performing Sun Pooja.


  • You might face some health issues like asthma due to air pollution.
  • Your mother may develop digestive problems.
  • Your father may have a problem with the eye.
  • Pay attention to your parent’s health.

Dosha Pariharam For Health improvement: Perform Vaidhnatha Pooja.


  • School students should study with more effort to achieve promising academic careers.
  • Those into higher studies prosper and achieve success in removing the obstacles and advancing their careers.
  • College students will have the opportunity to do well in their studies and earn appreciation from the professors.

Dosha Remedies For educational improvement: Seek blessings from Goddess Durga by performing Durga pooja.

Auspicious Dates: 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15

Inauspicious Dates:  10, 11, 12, 16, 22, 25, 26


All the things we do connect to our previous activities (karma) and are linked with our level of comprehension and depend on how we view it and apply it in our daily life. There is an ancient story related to this, i.e., how to perceive things correctly.

Once there lived a poor farmer with his son. They had a horse to help them in the field. The horse suddenly disappeared. People commented, “How unfortunate you are? The farmer replied, “Maybe yes; Maybe no.”

After some days, the horse returned with many wild horses. People commented,” how lucky you are .”The farmer replied, “Maybe yes; Maybe no.”

While taming the wild horse, his son broke his leg, bedridden. People commented, “How sad!”. The farmer replied, “Maybe yes; Maybe no.”

Some army tortured the farmer’s village, and many young people confronted the military. Many died; only the farmer’s son remained. People commented, “You’re lucky.” The farmer replied, “Maybe yes; Maybe no.”

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