Virgo Monthly Horoscope December 2021


According to Tamil Jothidam, people of the Virgo Moon sign are likely to enjoy an exceptional bond with their life partners this December. You could also experience better fortunes in regards to your career and finances. Businesses, too, could yield more profits. Further, it can be better for those employed in the private sector to discuss their future plans with their higher officials.

Love Relationship:

There are chances for those in love relationships to have differences of opinion with their partners, says Tamil Jothidam. Hence, it is essential not to enter into any unnecessary arguments with them for any reason. However, the married could enjoy more peace and happiness with their spouses. Besides, people can also develop a good rapport with friends during this period.

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You may earn profits from your past investments, while on the other hand, you could spend money on buying utility items for your home. Besides, you might see better times in stock and share trading. However, please do not take any crucial decisions regarding trading in Bitcoin this month; for, there are chances for incurring losses in it.

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People employed in the private sector can get promotions in the job; this can provide them with a rise in their income. On the other hand, those in government service may perform with self-confidence and take up even leadership roles. You could also earn a good name and reputation at your workplace.


New business opportunities can help you advance in your business, says Tamil Jothidam. Import businesses, too, could yield you handsome gains, whereas the self-employed can also hope for noteworthy progress. On the other hand, there could be many competitors in partnership ventures; still, you would be able to overcome all the challenges and emerge victorious.


The Virgo Moon sign professionals should be ready to take advantage of the golden opportunities that may come their way this period. Besides, those seeking placements in the information and telecommunication sectors can get the right job opportunities in some big organizations. Further, some of you may get opportunities to work in some foreign countries.

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Your health may require attention, says Tamil Jothidam. Also, there are chances for you to suffer from the likes of allergy or asthma. To overcome these, breathing and walking exercises can help improve your fitness. It is better to stay away from fast food to maintain good health.

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School students may get distracted because of a lapse in their concentration. However, reading the lessons regularly with focus can help them score good marks. On the other hand, students doing research can do very well and succeed in their endeavours. Further, there are chances for students wanting to pursue higher education overseas to get their wishes fulfilled.

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Auspicious dates: 2, 8, 9, 10, 13, 19, 22, 27, 29, 31
Inauspicious dates: 3, 4, 14, 15, 16, 22, 23