Experience Superior Virtual Assistance Services with Sunknowledge Support

Are your finding it extremely challenging to keep up with the present industry mandates along with changing billing rules and regulation for your medical billing operation? Is handling your medical billing practice is becoming difficult and chaotic in managing patient information, maintaining electronic medical records (EMR), etc ?

If yes, then it’s time to hire healthcare virtual assistance for your healthcare practices from Sunknowledge services Inc. 

Why choose Sunknowledge services Inc for healthcare virtual assistance services?

Lessening your administrative workload so that you can focus on what you do the best is patient care management, Sunknowledge services Inc today is one of the leading professionally trained healthcare virtual assistance service solutions for many leading names in the industry. Improving the efficiency of your healthcare practice, our experts today are not only known for reducing the workload of your front end administrative staff but also for the highest productivity metrics in the industry.

Saving your time which is the main goal, our experts providing quality services further help you stay on top of all the administrative aspects of your practice so that you experience a seamless billing operation and faster reimbursement within the first month itself.

Freeing you from spending huge amounts of money particularly on an in-house employees and saving your from expensive operational cost, our experts further work on 80 % operational cost reduction and also provide a complete healthcare virtual assistance only at $7 per hour for all: 

  • Reception services
  • Appointment bookings
  • Reception and concierge
  • Documentation
  • Chart prep and MR filing
  • Intake and consent
  • Remote on boarding
  • Check in
  • Follow up and confirmation
  • Aftercare services
  • Scheduling and orders
  • Check out
  • Referral and prior authorization 
  • eMR Documentation
  • Prior Authorization benefits
  • Management services
  • Pharmacy help desk
  • Records and billing
  • Physician schedule management

Taking care of all your business requirements, our team will leave you with no liabilities as you no longer will require to hire additional in-house staff for any other administrative hassle.

So call us right now and leverage Sunknowledge healthcare virtual assistance services for better healthcare practice management. For more information, call us right away!