Votre Maison Furniture – Exquisite Furniture

Votre Maison  Furniture is a major maker of furniture for both residential and commercial use. The company has been around since 1949. The two founders, Robert Guillerme & Jacques Chambron met while incarcerated by the Germans during World War II. They decided to establish a company to manufacture traditional French furniture and to make them available to the public.

The furniture company is still located in Paris, France. It is run by four people namely, Paul Vandenboe, Paul Gautier, Dominique Perrin and Yvan Lalime. The company is said to be the most accomplished boutique furniture maker. Apart from this, it also provides custom made furniture to suit your needs. There are various Votre Maison Furniture outlets all across Europe.

Votre Maison Furniture gained recognition because of their expertise and the quality of the furniture pieces. The history of Votre Maison Furniture is quite interesting. The name of the brand itself was derived from its founder, Robert Guillerme. His conviction that quality furniture could be attained through craftsmanship convinced him to establish a manufacturing business. In conformity with this, he set up a small workshop and employed skilled craftsmen from his neighborhood, some of whom had earlier worked on the railways.

The early Votre Maison Furniture company focused on creating high quality but affordable furniture items. Over the years, the company has developed and added new furniture pieces. The collection now consists of modern as well as traditional French-inspired furniture pieces. The latest addition to the Votre Maison Furniture heritage is the innovative Le Meurtage collection. The brand also manufactures a wide variety of kid’s furniture, benches, stools and other accessories such as toy chests. The Votre Maison Furniture brand also custom makes dining room chairs and table sets.

The Votre Maison Furniture outlet in Paris is located at ground floor, Suite D, Block B, Suite G, corner of Carrousel de Versailles. The building is decorated with paintings of famous French artists. The shop is opened daily Monday to Saturday for shopping till closing time. The interior of Votre Maison Furniture is decorated with leather, velvet and fabric. This store has been selling household goods and decorative accessories to interior decorators since 1969. Today, this furniture outlet caters to the tastes of modern as well as traditional customers.

The Votre Maison store in Clamart-sur-Mer is another famous Paris based outlet of this European brand. The store is located at the ground floor, third block, Carrousel de Clamart. The interior of this shop is decorated with traditional and antique furniture pieces. The products offered by this outlet are wide ranging and include dining room sets, sectional couches, bar stools, sofa sets, bedroom sets, bed frames and dressers.

There are several Votre Maison Furniture outlets in Clamart-sur-Mer. These have been known to produce high quality furniture at affordable prices. The collection includes a number of items that include traditional to modern designs. It is available in various styles and sizes and according to the size and budget of the customer.

The Votre Maison stores are highly regarded for providing chic and stylish interior decoration items to the clients. The collection has a variety of different types of furniture such as modern beds, sectionals, lounge couches, bar stools and dressers. The availability of various products in this outlet enables the customers to select the item according to their individual need. The products are available at discounted rates and you can get this collection at great discounts. Votre Maison has become one of the most popular brands in the industry due to its amazing collections and it has become the top choice of people searching for affordable and stylish furniture.