5 Best VXI Wireless Headsets For GYM & Running 2021

A gym is usually a noisy place where the weight of the planks and sound emanating from the loudspeakers distract you. This distraction might hamper the flow of people during an intense workout. All you need is a pair of VXI wireless headsets in this respect. They are not corded, so there is no risk of wires wildly flailing and sticking around your body during the workouts.


They also cut the loud noises out of the equation that increases your focus:


1) VXI Passport 21V:

According to the latest study, an average person sweats around 0.8 to 1.4 liters of sweat during a one-hour intense session of workout. These pair of VXI wireless headsets provide a great sweat resistance that dictates their durability to a great extent. You can stay focused with its custom fit and stable design while running and lifting heavy dumbbells during gym. Another great feature of these headsets is the great audio codec support.

VXI Passport 21V

These codecs propose a higher bitrate transfer that lets you listen to the music or a call without facing any distortion. Gyms are inherently noisy, so the use of these devices will help you block out the ambient noise completely. You can easily pair it with smart devices like your mobile phones with a Bluetooth connection. They have strong lithium-ion batteries that can last for hours, just enough to perform your workouts in the gym.


2) VXI V150:


These are the most used pair of headsets, and you can purchase them from the Jabra Wireless Headsets brand at a discounted price. They have a wireless range of up to 91.4 meters that allow you complete freedom while working out at the gym or running. They come in three specific styles of over-the-head, over-the-ear, and behind-the-neck and can be chosen according to ease.

VXI V150

The weight is almost 0.94 oz. that makes them easy to wear for you. The microphone is installed with the bi-directional noise-canceling drivers to make smooth conversations while listening to the calls during the workout. The standup time is up to 120 hours, while the talk time is 10 hours that make it a good choice for excise lovers. Above all, they come at an affordable price along with great sweat resistance.


3) VXI V100:


One of the greatest advancements in the wireless headsets that you can find in these devices is the secured fit. They have a smaller and lighter build and their earpieces have a special grip coating. Such a design helps them to stick to your ears even when you are exercising vigorously.


VXI V100

You can run, cycle, and lift weights for hours without fearing the damage from sweat to the earpieces. The latest active noise technology installed in these devices allows you to hear the best sounds. This technology actively filters out the background noise to let you listen to every beat of your favorite songs. They come in the best wearing styles to allow you to be at ease during the process of exercising.


4) VXI Voxstar:


VXI Voxstar headsets have a special noise-canceling driver installed in the microphone. The microphone is known to block 93% of ambient noise. The devices also feature special Xtreme Noise Suppression Technology that suppresses the noise coming from the wind or other background sound. The pairing of these devices is automatic and it is easy to connect them with the two devices at the same time.

VXI Voxstar

They are lightweight, easy to wear, durable, and have a snug fit design. The specialty is that they do not infuse into the skull that is great if you are wearing glasses while cycling, running, or lifting weights. The volume control feature is great too that even warns you with the blink of light when hearing loud sounds. For a single battery charge, you can use these devices for up to seven hours.


5) VXI Blueparrot:


VXI Blueparrot headsets are top-selling items in the portfolio of the VOIP Wireless Headsets brand. They have Bluetooth 4.0 technology to let you pair two devices to them simultaneously. The NFC on-board feature lets you connect the devices within no time. They are also A2DP supported which means that you can stream music and GPS directions while using them.


VXI Blueparrott

For superior and clearer sound profiles in the noisier environments of workouts, they are one of the best bets. If you are routinely involved in physical activities, you need headsets that can keep up with you. These devices give you an extended battery life without getting damaged by the sweat pouring through your body.


Final Words:


Selecting the best VXI wireless headsets for your routine physical activities is not a walk in the park. You have to consider numerous factors before narrowing down your choices. Hopefully, this guide has presented a clearer picture to you in making correct decisions. You can find all these models of headsets in the portfolio of FindHeadsets.