Want to buy TBC gold, how to avoid getting banned?

When talking about buying tbc gold, the first question raised in your mind must be: Is it safe? Will I get banned? Well, there are so many people who buy gold, and not only wow tbc classic , but other popular MMORPGs such as FFXIV, GW2, SWTOR, POE have third-party gold sellers.

Of course, people get punished by the game developer but you can actually avoid it. First, find a trustable gold seller. There are two kinds of gold sellers: private ones and gold selling sites. And a gold-selling site is suggested as most of them are professional and they know what kind of delivery method is the safest. They will also remind you of some frauds in-game. SSEgold.com is the site recommended here. It also has the cheapest wow tbc gold.

Second, don’t tell anybody in-game that you’ve bought tbc gold, especially on public channels.

Third, don’t buy too much at a time.

For wow classic, buying tbc classic gold is against the game rule, so there’s no 100% safe way. Once you are punished, you should contact the GM by the first time and never admit you bought wow classic tbc gold from a third-party seller, but they are from a friend.