What is Water Cooler Price in Pakistan?

The water cooler price in Pakistan may depend on the activity you take. Often you may even use a superior water business you buy from. The water cooler price in Pakistan is not very high Pakistan.

Purchase an online water cooler in some instances. However, it is not suggested. Many businesses would encourage you to have your own in your place of work. However, because they guarantee their coolers and undertake maintenance and repair inspections every few months, they do not meet when their units are not used.

There are also a few possibilities for coolers. Some coolers can cool the water, while others give you warm water or a mixture of three parts. The more services you utilize, the easier the water supply is to rent each month. You may also fully purchase the equipment. You may also buy coolers online instead of leasing a cooler from various organizations to save you long-term costs.

Buy an online water cooler, not rent it.

You will want to use one of your coolers if you obtain services from a water supporter. The most beautiful installation and rental (or purchase) are rewarded for you, and the installation fees might also cover the cost.

The amount paid for the holders, like the wine bottles, is equivalent to the number of workers in the workplace. This means you may anticipate a Water Cooler price in Pakistan, on average RS 650-RS 2500 a month, if you want to rent your machine.

You will be charged different fees if you’re out of a bottle. While bottles do not have to be bought, the less spectacular bottle is also costing every month.

The Water Cooler Price in Pakistan is RS 4636/month per unit. The price varies on how much water you use and the model you use. Before you can confirm the price you pay for the service, many companies need a quote, so driving and assembling costs must also be considered for your company. You may be sure that you have a more extraordinary at your office – and your business, regardless of what alternative your water system is looking for. Please do a favor and buy one for your workplace now.

Buy online water cooler for HOME/OFFICE.

Water to cool at budget prices for house or business. If our high-quality, luxurious units are too cost-effective, don’t get trapped in water dispensers. And don’t spend tens of thousands on a water supply for renting and hidden expenses.

Our home coolers are stocked in standard tanks on average RS 309 in local supermarkets. However, other water companies offer their drinking water for rent to supply expensive water at a low charge. Then flees the first cheap pit. So I would remind you today to sell one of our affordable, premium bespoke coolers. Don’t conceal costs. Don’t disguise payments—no special sales periods. And no expensive water supply. And no costly supplies of water. Just simple, easy, and affordable water coolers.


Many are very inexpensive grade coolers. And we may purchase cooler online water much more quickly, rather than rent – flasks with full-size water and bottle-free water coolers. We have a more remarkable topwater counter also. And we’ve got water coolers purified. Even bottle-less units have been cleaned. You drink water every day. Every day. Harmful or unknown toxins such as chlorine, unusual pollutants, Cold and Flu viruses, PCBs, Nitrates, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Asbestos, Fluorides, Feathers, etc., have been modified to prevent.


  • Bottled Water Dispensers from RS 4636.00
  • Full-sized Hot and Cold Bottled Water Coolers from RS 27667.00
  • Counter Top and Bottle less Water Coolers Too!

Why book a costly facility for drinking water? If could you purchase one at a split cost? For RS 30 to RS 772, other firms rent their residential water coolers. And you’ve needed to buy expensive, mainly marginal, water bottles. But for a month of an online water cooler, you may purchase RS 772 or less on your credit card account.

In addition to the aversion cost of around 772 a month, we have put a decent cold and warm hot water chiller. In no time will it be charged. You’re going to possess it. You’re going to own it.

Online Water Cooler Price in Pakistan is RS 15456.


  • Full one year warranty
  • ZERO Waste Bottles-Reduce Landfill Waste
  • Instant Hot and Ice Cold Water
  • Piping HOT Beverages Temp= 185-210 Degrees
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Spill-Proof Water Dispenser
  • Energy Saving On-Off Switches
  • Energy Star Compliant

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