Water Leak Fix: 5 Quick Tips

Water Leak Fix: 5 Quick Tips

In the daily lives of homes, businesses and businesses, one of the worst problems that can happen with the pipe is leaks. In addition to causing a big problem for the pocket, as they cause a great deal of waste, leaks can also cause a lot of damage to the structure and finish of a room.

We  specializes in leaks and pipe repairs. That’s why we’re bringing you some quick tips that can help you fix a water leak or contain the problem until you get professional help.

Check out quick water leak tips!

5 Quick Tips for Fixing a Water Leak:

Pipes and pipes are very complex structures, full of parts and curves, and that can present problems at any of these points. There are different levels where we can have water leaks, so we will try to give tips that can be applied to many sectors of the pipeline.

1- Quick tip for tap water leakage:

Let’s start with the most obvious part of the pipe, the faucets! These are fundamental parts in the functioning of most pipes. Because they are used a lot during the day to day, they tend to have a lot of defect with leaks.

The faucets leak in two different ways, either they drip water through one of the threads or they simply don’t close (what we call a dusted faucet).

The first thing to do in this situation is to ensure that everything is properly tightened. Use pliers to tighten all tap threads. If leakage continues then there is a problem with the frame seals.

To repair the seal it is necessary to remove the part where the faucet handle and the fastener are located (the part that is used to open and close the water flow). Inside this piece there will be a “repair” plated rubber part, which must be replaced.

2- Water leakage in the siphon:

The siphon is another point where we find many water leaks. Unlike faucets, these are leaks that are generally easier to fix. The first important step is to identify the reason for the siphon leak.

If the siphon is leaking from the sink drain connections and the threads, then it may simply be a matter of tightening the system better. The first thing to do is unscrew the part that is leaking and screw it in again, ensuring that the thread is not crooked.

If you are still doing it, remove the part again and check that the rubber seal fits correctly. Pass thread sealant around the insert piece and re-attach the threading siphon. This will definitely eliminate the problem.

If the problem is due to a part of the part being broken, a replacement is necessary. Often, the entire part is replaced, as it is a cheap and easy material to replace.

3- Water leakage in visible pipes:

If you have visible pipe leak problems, repair can be done quickly. The first thing to do is turn off the water and cut off the piece of pipe that is leaking. Then it will be necessary to use two pieces called “sliding gloves” and another piece of pipe with about 3 cm less than the cut piece.

Put a running glove on each pipe terminator to make a seam, then run the gloves to cover the pipes already installed in the wall. This structure creates a safe water passage that will no longer leak.

If the leak is in the joints and connections, the procedure is to cut the pipe as close as possible to the defective part and then install a new part. If the pipe is no longer the required size, use pieces of pipe and sliding or snap-on gloves to increase the length of the pipe.

4- Leakage of water in pipes in the wall or floor:

These leaks are fixed in the same way as the example above, using gloves and pieces of pipe. However, the big problem at this point is finding the leak. If you have already made the identification, it will be necessary to break the wall or floor and reach the point where there are defects and carry out the repairs.

5- Counting on professional help:

The most important and fastest of the tips is to have professional help to solve these and many other problems. Some of these repairs are simple but require specific tools, while others require a lot of knowledge and experience.

Therefore, the best option is always to call Plumber to fix water leaks! We serve 24 hours a day, with our own fleet and trained professionals so that your problem is resolved as soon as possible!