Ways to Stylish Ottoman Footstool

Ottoman footstools are exceptionally versatile pieces of the furniture which, while they originate from traditional Turkish furniture, are best known as home accessories which combined with sofas and armchairs create room sets for modern living rooms. With a variety of styles and sizes obtainable, it can be problematic to know where to start when adding an ottoman to your room so if you are unsure about how best to make the most of your new ottoman, here is a short style guide to get you thinking about the subject.


For many people, the classic ottoman style is the cube, a comfortable but discreet item which can be placed in free space close to large items of furniture such as coffee tables or sofas. While cubes often work best in more traditional settings, a number of more modern styles are increasingly prevalent which can work well when paired with contemporary furniture.

For this type of look, search for cubes covered in bright, vibrant fabrics as opposed to natural leathers as this will add a current touch to your house decor, accentuating the contemporary look. One particularly general style at current is to combine such colors with a old-style deep buttoned finish, highlighting an interplay between the traditional and the contemporary which is exclusively striking in a modern setting.

A further way to add an ottoman to your room set is to substitute the piece for your current side table or coffee table. To make the most of this style, opt for a large rectangular ottoman and place centrally as the centrepiece of a modular suite or corner unit. Not only does this style improve a attractive edge to a classic look but it also affords for extra seating capacity for large, impromptu social gatherings.

Naturally, this style works well in more present settings so do be cautious if you have a period property which may call for a traditional coffee table. If this is the case, you may wish to experiment with colors and materials opting for natural leathers or neutral, toned down fabric selections.


Curved ottomans are really slightly out of fashion currently although they can still work extremely well in the right setting. Due to their shape, it’s not suitable to combine rounded ottomans with linear furniture as this will generate a slightly uncouth aesthetic. Instead, opt for a curved piece only in circumstances where you are working with a curvature as part of the prevailing look, either from the sofa or room itself. Finally, an ottoman has to accentuate the existing look by following pre-established design principles as otherwise you will find it will compete with other items of furniture, disrupting the interior look and touch.