Website: Do’s and Don’ts

When you start designing your website, your top priority shall be usability. A well-designed website is something that you can say as a beneficial investment. We can say so, because only such websites can guarantee you good returns in the long run. Did you know that some people would exit your website as soon as they found it unattractive? Yes, you read it right! Many people might judge your business by the looks of your website. Even without updating your website for a long while can actually hurt your business. Keep and know the do’s and don’ts that can help your website stand out among your competitors. 


It is time for you to update your website to attract more visitors to your website and convert them into your customers. Our web design company in Bangalore thinks that this list should help you reboot your website and make it look more beautiful.


Target Audience:

  • Do optimize your website for search

When you finish designing your website, your next step is ranking in the search engines to ensure that your website is visible. It is not that easy to do it as we say, because it requires a lot of work. Only a well-optimized website can make it there. The best way to rank higher in the search engine is following the SEO guidelines of the search engine where you want to rank. Make sure that your website has title descriptions, meta descriptions, and good content with good headings. These are some factors that the search engine picks up to rank you higher in the search.


  • Don’t ignore your visitors

Always never forget your visitors when you are designing the website. Many times, web designers can make a common mistake of ignoring the visitors and designing a website from a professional’s point-of-view. It is always important to create a website from the eyes of your visitor. To do so, you should pretend as if you’re visiting the website with new eyes.You can also mimic the visitor’s journey as they would explore your website. Always ensure that you are creating a user-friendly website.



  • Do create an impression

You should know what your website serves to its visitors. The main purpose of your website should point out what you offer to your website visitor. This means, if your website serves digital marketing services, your focus should be to drive your visitors to contact you and make them complete their journey of purchasing your services. The primary focus of your website should be to guide your website visitor to reach their end journey of purchasing.


  • Don’t create a messy layout:

Have you seen websites that look like blocks of rows and columns – all arranged in an unplanned manner. Do you think your visitors would wait and arrange such an unplanned arrangement of rows and blocks to understand what you have to say? Of course, no! Firstly, these unarranged sites are confusing to even visually grasp and the visitor would not know where to focus their curiosity to know. This is why you should focus on a well-organized layout, which guides the visitor to explore throughout your website.


Color Scheme

  • Do use colors that match your brand

The brand of yours should be the reflection of your website. When your website reflects the colors of the brand, you are complementing the content and visually delighting the visitors of your website. Using color schemes to match that match your brand can also help a lot. If you don’t know how to create a color scheme, then try using automatic color scheme generators that would help fill out your palette. 


  • Don’t use just any colors that are available

Did you know that using too many colors can actually hurt your website. Too many colors has many psychological effects on your visitor’s opinion. According to the rule of thumb, your web design should not exceed the use of three colors. 


Text Placement

  • Do make your text visible 

If you want your visitor to scroll till the end of the webpage, you might want to make your webpage text more visible. Gaining the attention of your website visitor throughout is difficult, but if your content is easier to understand and absorb, your visitors might value it. In addition to it, use headings, bullets, quotes and blocks to present wonderfully.

  • Don’t fill your webpages with paragraphs

Just like the layouts, focus on not making your webpage look more stuffed with texts. If in case, what you have to say seems to be in huge paragraphs, then try distributing the information in chunks that seem to be readable. Ensure you have an ample amount of white spaces and images that help distribute text throughout your webpage.



  • Do use a structured navigation

Some of the best websites are able to convert quickly due to the presence of proper navigation. If your navigation can guide your visitors, whether to a sign up form, or maybe a buy now cart. Just to anywhere, it should help the visitor understand where they are heading to. That should be the main focus of a structured navigation.


  • Don’t make it complicated

When a visitor lands on your website, everything should be easily accessible for them. Try to ensure that nothing is complicated to find. For example you don’t want to hide the About us section somewhere like in another section.