Weekend Packing Essentials


One of the reasons that weekends trips are fun-filled, is you are going to hit roads, go somewhere away from home and will enjoy the refreshing time off from work. 

But they often tend to go wrong and inconvenient, every now and then, when you miss out on essentials that keep your trip running smoothly. 

Fortunately, this can be prevented by careful planning. From Travel bag, towel, designer sunglasses & cases to toiletries essentials, this complete packing list mentions all the essentials to pack before you hit the road. 


What to pack for a weekend trip?

To help you think of all of these must-have  we have curated here the checklist for trip essentials. Bookmark this list, to keep the guide handy as your weekend trip comes closer.

Choose a travel bag: 

Choose the right size bag that offers enough rooms for the essentials. You might be heading to a place for just a weekend, but consider the purpose of your trip and your activities there too. As all of this impacts the comfortable size of your bag. 

Ultimate travel backpack or a rolling luggage bag, from several choices in bag collections – choose the one that seems to be more useful, comfortable and spacious for you on this trip.  

Toiletry case essentials:

While packing the toiletry bag – only stick to what you will need for the weekend. Essential toiletry items should include toothpaste/ brush, shampoo, hairbrush/comb, skincare and sunscreen, basic makeup, deodorant, personal hygiene items. 

Make sure to pack small packs of all this essential and store them in a water-resistant zipper bag.  

Packing for tech: 

For those packing for a fun-filled weekend, don’t forget the camera or phone to capture the beautiful moments. Other important tech-related things you must have for your trip are a power bank, chargers, camera batteries and a sturdy bag. 

Also, bring a selfie stick and waterproof phone case to your beach trip.

Carry enough undies: 

Pack a pair of undergarments for each day of your trip. But for a longer trip, pack them enough  and wash them frequently to be used again. Tip: store your used undies in a separate small bag of dirty laundry, so that they do not get mixed with fresh ones. 

Medication – just in case: 

Don’t forget to bring Regular medicines or painkillers for emergencies during the road trip, as you will never know when you will need them. You can consult your doctor for a prescription of all such emergency medicines.

Bring your Towel: 

Contrary to the thick regular towel, consider the thin microfiber towel to bring on the trip. While easy to fit in your bag, they will save you from awkward situations when your hotel does not provide you with a fresh towel. 

Shades/ sunglass case: 

For those heading for a beach trip or a long day under the sun, put the sunnies on your priority list. The pair of beautiful shades are great to make you look stylish, avoid the glimpse of the sun and make the most out of this trip. 

Just like sunglasses are important for any trip, protecting them from dust or keeping them safe while not in use is also very important. In this scenario comes the sunglasses case. There are lots of designer sunglass cases available in the market which will help you protect your sunnies as well as will look stylish also.

Go minimalist for packing clothes: 

Pack the precise pair of clothes you will need on your weekend trip. Remember to pack clothes warm or light depending on where you wanted to go and what activities you will be doing during the trip.

Unlike the longer stay- you can go with a single pair of jeans on the weekend trip and matching different tops or accessories with the same. 

A pair of Shoes: 

Pack a single pair of high-quality shoes to wear the entire weekend. Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes are always the best bet for trips. As they work best with most of the outfit and can be worn at the airport or driving the car. you don’t need to pack them into the luggage.  

Got a trip coming up this weekend? The go-to guide to packing it right is always ready to make the packing chore less tiring for you. Use this packing checklist to not miss anything – and happy travelling!

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