What are the Advantages of Private Schools Over Public Schools?


Choosing a school for your kids is never easy. And with a global pandemic still largely uncontained, you have your work cut out for you. If you’re wondering if giving them a private school education is worth it, here’s why that’s a yes.

Fewer Students

A private school in Bangalore tends to have a smaller student population than a public school. That counts for a lot. The ratio of the students to the teacher affects the quality of their education. If there are too many students, then the teacher is likely to be swamped with too much work and won’t have enough time to provide personal assistance to the students. Your kids will miss out on some helpful one-on-one sessions. A private school—with a smaller student population—though, are ideal. The ideal student to teacher ratio is around 16 for every teacher. That’s the ratio for most private schools. What’s more, they also hire assistant teachers to take on some of the work, so the main instructor has more than enough time to focus on the needs of the children.


Private schools are much more equipped to handle the online classes. They have the resources to do so, making them much more flexible, and providing their students with the ideal learning experience. It will take some time before in-person classes are the norm again, if that will ever come. What’s clear from the last few months, though, as schools switched to distance learning, is that online classes are here to stay and are likely to take up a more important role in delivering education as schools move forward. If you want your kids to be in a better position to enjoy all that, then pick a private school.


The ease with which the school is handling the current crisis means that the kids are, more or less, provided an uninterrupted learning experience. They have more choices in terms of what to study or invest their time. Also, parents and students can readily get on board the online learning experience. If and when the school opens for in-person classes, parents can be sure to have the choice whether to send their kids to school or keep them at home. That’s possible because private schools often have more space and are in an excellent position to put social distancing measures in place.

Aligns with Family Values

There are plenty of private schools whose mission resonates with the values that parents want their kids to learn. Private schools are often mission-driven. That means they come up with a curriculum that integrates that mission or thought into everything they do. These values can be taken as a kind of backbone that underlies many of the activities and programmes at school. For instance, a school that believes in the importance of service and compassion will provide the students with plenty of opportunities to learn both. They get to be a part of programmes that let them see what the world is like for others who are less fortunate than them and they learn that kindness to all matters.

Instils Love of Learning

Private schools are often flexible in their teaching methods. They don’t go with traditional teaching styles that merely put the teacher at the center of the discussion. Instead, they recognize the different learning styles. They know kids learn differently, so it’s not right to force and expect them to learn all at the same pace, through the same methods. That’s why they provide a learning environment that welcomes all kinds of learners, that embraces the different learning styles, so that the kids determine early on what kind of learner they are and what teaching styles appeal to them. That leaves them with a wonderful impression of school and instils in them a love of learning.

Focus on the Whole Child

Some private schools care about the whole development of the child. That means the schools don’t just encourage academic growth. They also provide plenty of opportunities for the students to improve their emotional, social, and mental well-being. The school doesn’t just emphasize the importance of core subjects; it also has extracurricular activities that allow the kids to develop their personalities and become well-rounded people. They learn discipline and teamwork, resilience and perseverance, and more. They also learn, best of all, how to develop empathy for others and how to communicate. The best private schools have teachers who know that communication is a two-way street, that to raise good communicators, they need to teach the kids how to listen. And kids who grow up knowing this skill don’t just learn how to become effective communicators. Knowing how to read people and what to say is more than a communication skill, it’s empathy and emotional intelligence.

Parents who want their kids to learn those values will have better luck with private schools. 

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