What Does Your Sitting Position Reveal About Your Personality?

There are psychologists who have studied body language and human behavior, and they claim that the way we sit could reveal a lot about our intentions and our personality. When we sit we sit unconsciously, but through our unconsciousness, our instincts and intentions could be revealed.

Here are the most common sitting positions and how people position their legs while sitting on chairs, which could reveal their secret intentions.



People who think this way are usually very easy to communicate, they are guided by the idea that a problem can be solved on its own. They can seem childish at times, but they are anything but boring. The main feature of this sitting position is that these people are reliably the first to say something, and after that, they consider what they have said and the results of what they have said.



People who experience this are often called dreamers. They could be very creative and being around them will never be boring. These people are fun and always come up with new and interesting ideas.



People who sit this way know what comfort means. They won’t spend a lot of time looking perfect, but they’ll still look like they spend a lot of time doing it. Choosing the perfect perfume or face cream can be very difficult for you. Dressing their attitude is complex as they can get very picky about it. Others see them as chaotic but this is not true, because they know where everything is and where they have put it.



People who feel this way are irritated by people who are not on time. They are sensitive, intelligent, and prefer peace to conflict and fighting. When the person sits this way, with their legs connected and supported all over the foot, they are straightforward, open, and maybe a little sassy. They are also very well ordered by nature.

If that person wants to lift the top of the foot and then lean on the heels, that means that even though they seem restricted, they are actually always ready to fight or oppose others.

The whole world, for these people, is a hostile environment, and their home is usually some sort of shelter or fortress with walls where they could hide from any trouble or trouble. If you try in any way to oppose it, they fiercely defend themselves as if they immediately received the hint that something is wrong with them.



The main characteristic of those people who sit in this position is that they tend to believe that everything has its own time. For example, if they are married, they will not rush to start a family, first, they will receive the necessary education, then a career, and when they settle down accordingly, and then they will create a family. These people are considered persistent and can sometimes cross the line and become stubborn. Yet these people still know their goal and enthusiastically strive to achieve it and in this way make them very ambitious not to stop at any obstacle. Their physical appearance is essential for them so that they do everything to keep it in perfect condition. However, they have a bit of insecurity deep inside them and they strongly oppose any criticism, whether positive or friendly.