What Happens To Scrap Cars?

Scrap cars go through an extensive process of examination after they have arrived at the junkyard. This process of examination determines those components of cars that are operational and usable. Since vehicle recycling has gained immense recognition, millions of cars are scrapped every year. The junk car owners are often curious about what happens to their car after the removal. 


So if your car has reached the Passaic junkyard and you want to find out what happens to it, then you came to the right place. 


What Junkyards Do To Your Car?

When your car has reached the limit where its damages and maintenance are unable to cover, then it is time to call the car removal services. The car removal services transport the car from your garage to the junkyard. It helps to clear your garage and make room for another vehicle. Another benefit of removing your junk car is that it prevents congestion. 


At the junkyards, the car is placed along with other scrap cars, thus making it available for the recyclers. Moreover, the automobile companies also buy cars from the junkyard and refurbish them into new operational vehicles. These new vehicles are sold to people who are unable to spend fortunes on brand new ones. 


Regardless of whoever takes the scrap car, whether the auto recyclers or buyers, a detailed process is followed before transferring the car to the new owner.


The steps through which a scrap car is gone through are.


Licensed Car Recycling Company:

The first step that takes place is transferring the scrap car to a professional recycling company. It is ensured that the company is licensed and reputable. The unprofessional scrap car dealer might use the car for illicit purposes. Therefore, selling the car to a reliable dealer is immensely significant. 


The Process Of Depollution:

Cars comprise numerous significant components and fluids. If a car is left to waste, then the chemicals and hazardous parts might cause inconvenience. Therefore, after your car is removed, the next step is its depollution. Then the liquid materials like fuel, oils, lubricants, coolants, etc are extracted. 


After the extraction of fluids, then the windows and windshields of the scrap car are removed. The battery of the car is the first thing that is taken out. The battery includes lead and mercury which is harmful if left unattended. The airbags are also needed to remove because their air pressure is dangerous. 


A list of sensitive components of a scrap car is.

  • Wash fluids
  • Refrigerants
  • Antifreeze fluids
  • Seat belts
  • All kinds of batteries
  • Acceleration sensors for airbags
  • Speedometer systems, etc.


Removal of Reusable Auto Parts:

The next step that your car goes through is the removal of reusable auto parts. These parts are taken out with discretion since they have to be recycled. If the condition of the auto parts is good, then they generate a fair revenue.  People are more inclined towards getting used to car components because they save them a lot of money. Usually, new auto parts are very costly and lack affordability. That’s why scrap care is the ultimate source of getting cost-effective car parts. 


The reusable parts are also known as specialist parts because they are incredibly profitable. A list of reusable auto parts from scrap cars is.

  • Tires and rims
  • Radiator
  • Wipers
  • Signal Lights
  • Engine parts 
  • Door, etc.


Compressing The scrap Car:

The last step takes place after the removal of reusable auto parts. When the car is finally free from fluids and specialized components, then it is crushed. This step enables us to shred the steel into smaller pieces. These metal pieces from the car are further recycled. 

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