What is a binary business plan in MLM?

The MLM Binary Compensation plan is used to run a great business online in the direct sales industry. As is commonly known, the binary scheme is the simplest program in the MLM field, and as it is named, it uses a two-legged structure in network building.


Structure of the plan

The core concept of the binary MLM program is that everyone should be forced to join only two members of the business tree’s legs and those legs will be considered profitable or weak legs in terms of product sales. If there is any additional recommendation, they will be placed on the profit foot. There is huge compensation for that leak, which is why it is known as the most profitable project in the Multi level marketing industry and is gaining popularity worldwide.

Commissioning System

Both legs need to maintain balance in order to earn more revenue. Because the revenue system depends entirely on business volume points, it is not about the level they have reached. This means that a percentage of the commission calculated based on weak leg sales will get paid by everyone, so setting a profit margin is entirely in the hands of the downline members.

If they work hard together with the team, each member of the network will have a greater chance of earning more, but if there is lacking in sales, it will affect everyone in the business plan. Therefore, well-developed binary MLM plan software can be used to show the sales goal and achievement of the network, which encourages everyone to work more profitably and make the product useful in error-free commission calculations.


More benefits of Binary Business Plan:

  • Referral Bonus
  • Binary Commission
  • Matching Bonus
  • Fast Expansion
  • Infinite Depth
  • Fostering Teamwork

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