What Is An Islamic Prayer Mat And What Are The Benefits Of It?

What is an Islamic prayer mat? Muslims generally call it by the same name as Islamic prayer rugs for Muslims. It’s a long carpet made of the black, authentic stuff called aphid which is most commonly used in houses of Muslim folks. The design of these prayer rugs varies from place to place depending on the need and requirements of the people from that particular place.

This prayer rug are also called Salah mats or Rabbit rugs. They are basically used as prayer rugs for Muslim and it’s also widely used for other purposes as well. For example, it may be kept as a decoration for the front door of the house of a Muslim. It may also be kept in a room of a house which is used as a bathroom or kitchen. Other than this, it’s also used as a bedspread or cushion for whenever a Muslim sleep or rest his feet on.

This prayer rugs may be classified in two categories based on its designs of tassels. These prayer rugs may have either flat or curved mihrab covers. The flat mihrab covers are generally made of wool, while the curve mihrab covers are usually made of silk. This fabric is made to cover the entire rug with one end touching the ground. In some occasions, the flat cover may even touch the ground but then this should not be the case for the curved cover as the fabric of this particular type has a tendency to curl when heated.

Most important factor about these prayer rugs may be the design

The most important factor about these prayer rugs may be the design. This is because the design of the rug plays a big role in providing ease for prayer. In fact the design can also be termed as a trademark of an Islamic product. For instance the plain and simple pattern of a plain and simple colour may be found in most of the products made by Islamic people and traders.

One of the main reasons behind using these rugs is that they give comfort to the prayer goers. You will always find that the Muslims pray facing the direction of the door or any other direction which is easy for them to get closer to the Allah. Their whole concentration is on their prayers and so they need to get all their focus and concentration on their prayers. So the use of a rug for the prayer provides them the required relaxation.

Islamic prayer mat also give more than just comfort and convenience to the worshipers. There are many designs available in these prayer rugs and each of them has its own meaning and symbol. As mentioned earlier the basic layout of a prayer rug is square but there is more to it than this. The design of a mihrab (or prayer rugs as we commonly call them) is chosen according to the religion, country of origin, design, color, and personal preferences of the worshiper.

rugs also have several other functions apart from being used as a prayer mat

The rugs also have several other functions apart from being used as a prayer mat. They can be kept as decorative pieces or for purposes of meditation. They are considered auspicious for the first prayer that takes place after the morning meal (called nacre) when the devotee wants to get relaxed and comfortable. Many of the Islamic art works are inspired from Islamic religious paintings and calligraphy and thus give deep spiritual significance to the work.

You can buy any type of Islamic prayer mat according to your choice and your needs. These rugs can also be decorated in many ways and can also act as decorative items. In fact they are widely used as wall hangings in homes and even offices. You can find all sorts of interesting designs and patterns and if you are looking for places where you can buy good quality Muslim prayer rugs, you should check out online stores. There you will find a wide range of designs and prices.