What is dialysis?

Dialysis is used to remove excess fluid and waste products from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly. This involves transferring blood to a machine for purification.

The kidneys cleanse the blood and converting harmful waste materials and excess fluid into urine. Urine is then taken out of the body.

Sanjivini Hospital & Research Centre is the best dialysis center in Lucknow. It has dedicated personnel who provide focused treatment for patients suffering from specific kidney conditions. To provide the best care possible, advanced tools are used in the operating rooms, labs, and wards. Highly equipped dialysis machines can be used to improve your health.

What is dialysis?

If your kidneys aren’t working properly, they may not be able to clear your blood as efficiently.

Your body can become contaminated with fluids and waste materials. This can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms and even death if it is not treated Best Dialysis in Lucknow. Dialysis is used to remove unwanted chemicals and fluids from your bloodstream.

How long do you have to continue dialysis?

It all depends on the individual’s health. In some cases, kidney failure may be temporary. Dialysis can be stopped if the kidneys are healthy. A kidney transplant is often necessary for those suffering from renal disease. A kidney transplant is usually not possible immediately so dialysis may be necessary until a donor’s kidney becomes available. Dialysis may be an alternative to a kidney transplant if you are not eligible. You may need dialysis if you are too sick for major surgery. For the best treatment, you can visit the nearest Dialysis Center.