What is Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy is a brand new method of tissue engineering that uses stem cells found in the body. These stem cells are infused with an exosome and directly injected into the site of injury or disease to repair tissue. The stem cells utilized in this procedure are taken from the bone marrow. They are equipped with the equipment needed to transfer the cells to the area of injury or illness to begin the healing process. The stem cells are derived from the body and are almost unnoticeable on normal X-rays. Doctors will be able to determine the extent of the disease or injury by examining the number of exosomes.

What follows is that the cells in the exosomes will search for and attack any abnormal tissue that they come into contact with. This includes cancer cells, which have already begun to spread throughout the region. Once the cancer has been eliminated, the exosomes will self-destruct and leave the area alone. The stem cells used for stem cell therapy to treat this disease can be stored later to be used in other treatments. However, they are normally discarded following use.

Stem cells from an individual’s body can be introduced into the chamber for exosomes and made into a piece of scaffolding, which then spreads out to various areas of the body. Doctors can get high-quality tissues by using light to control their growth. This is often higher than the tissues obtained by implantation. Exosomes are made of living cells so that doctors can control the amount of cellular debris collected. This allows them to build an exosome that is very similar to the original structure of cells. Unlike other forms of tissue scaffolding, exosomes can be administered at different time points throughout the pregnancy. This makes them very convenient as the doctor can easily customize a scaffold according to the patient’s requirements.

Exosome therapy is useful for pain management for anyone suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. Right Path Pain and Spine Center can help people get the therapy they need. Contact Right Path Pain and Spine Center or visit us in Davenport, FL today.