What is Home Healthcare and Why is it Important

Before understanding why is home Healthcare important, let us try and understand what is Home Healthcare. It is given to someone who due to some reason is required to stay at home and medical services are offered to him or her at their place. This can be done for various reasons, such as the patient might recover better in the comfort of his/her home or maybe he/she is not capable enough to travel to a hospital or to the doctor which is far from their place or perhaps the injury of the patient is not critical enough to admit them in a hospital.

In either of the cases mentioned above, the patient stays back at home and medical facilities such as a nurse or a compounder with the required medical support are sent to them for a smooth recovery.

It also happens sometimes that certain people cannot afford the heavy bills that hospitals generate for the treatment of the patient. In such scenarios, the patient again stays back at home and some kind of medical support is provided to them which is comparatively cheaper and affordable by the patient’s family.

It is especially during these times of covid-19 that home Health Care has been on the rise. Doctors at hospitals have been advising patients to stay at home and stay in isolation if they seem to have Covid-19 symptoms or even if they have been diagnosed with covid-19. Even otherwise, doctors and healthcare workers are advising people to isolate patients at home and provide them with all sorts of care that would otherwise be provided in the hospital by the hospital staff.

Due to the alarming rise of cases in certain countries, hospital beds and medical facilities got used-up real quick, and to prevent the virus from spreading further, doctors advised all patients to take care of themselves at home. Doctors have even gone ahead to make videos and explain to family members how to take care of Covid-19 patients at home while following all the rules and regulations. Also, it is recommended to use PPE kits in housekeeping to keep your surroundings clean.

#6 Benefits of Home Healthcare!

1. Better care for the elderly

Home Health Care is the best for the elderly. After a certain age, old people find it difficult to commute from their homes to the hospital or the doctor’s clinic. In such cases, when their health is going through various ups and downs, home Health Care is the best for them. Family members can take certain measures to make sure the patient’s needs are met at home itself.

If required, they can also arrange for a nurse to take care of them properly(if the illness is prolonged) or they can provide for a setup that makes it easier for the elderly to feel at home with the required care of their family members. If the elderly at your home if suffering from an illness where it is almost impossible for them to leave the house, even with support, in that case, medical help provided at home is the best for them especially in this lockdown when Covid-19 cases are on a rise.

It is advised to people to try and stay at home if the problem is not very serious and can be managed within the periphery of the house itself. Going to the hospital in such a situation might worsen the problem of the patient  Extra care should be taken of the patient if he/she is elderly since recovery is slower for them at an old age.

2. Less reliance on doctors for trivial issues

Another very important aspect of home health care is self-sufficiency and not depending on the doctor and hospitals for trivial issues. We are so very dependent on medical Services from the very start that we rush to doctors and medical help even if we are in a problem which can probably be solved by staying at home.

We tend to be impatient with our ails and try to get rid of them with quick medication and prescribed drugs. Our body becomes dependent on medicines and drugs in the long run, thus, our immune system gets hampered and tends to lose its veracity. It is very important, especially for those who live in remote areas where hospitals and clinics are far away, to develop a stronger immune system and not depend on doctors and hospitals.

If the injury or pain is unbearable, we should always keep a safety kit at home with all the requirements which we might need in times of emergency and try to curb our problem by ourselves or with the help of our family members, especially when the rise of Covid-19 is at its zenith. We should also make our selves more aware in terms of medicines and health care and what is going on around the world and come to terms with the requirements of our body, knowing what is best for us.

All said and done, if the problem increases and you feel that it is getting out of hand and is not manageable anymore, you should definitely consult a doctor at the earliest and get medical support as soon as possible. Do not wait for it to worsen, try and understand and measure what you are going through and see if you are capable of managing it alone. This is especially for people who live alone and do not have anyone around to advise them or help them on the same.

3. For newborns and breastfeeding mothers


Home Health Care is not just for the elderly, it is also for mothers who have just gone through difficult labor or a C-section delivery and needs extra care while breastfeeding their new-born. In such sensitive cases, families hire nurses or babysitters for full-time purposes to take care of their baby’s needs for a few months or a year till the baby is able enough to feed on its own.

For women who have C-section surgery due to certain complications are required to rest in bed for a couple of days. During these days it becomes difficult for the mother to look after her baby or feed the baby properly.

Also, mothers who give birth to their first child are sometimes not very confident as to how to care for their baby, how to handle the baby, how to take care of the baby’s nutrition at the same time while they have to care for themselves. This problem is heightened if the woman is a working mother. For such women, home health care provides the best kind of support where the nurse will guide the mother on how to feed the baby, how to take care of the baby’s needs, how to maintain the hygiene of the new-born while still taking care of her nutrition and other requirements.

Many babies are born prematurely with a certain kind of deficiency which renders the parents a little helpless and clueless on how to take care of the new-born. A staff of the healthcare management will guide you smoothly through the process of parenting.

4. Guide to nutrition and nourishment

It happens often that while we are so engrossed in our work and daily life or even household chores that we forget to maintain our nutrition and nourishment level and often skip on meals. This also goes out to elderly people who are sometimes not able to take care of themselves and often follow an irregular pattern when it comes to taking their meals.

They need someone to assist them with their meals thrice a day and take care of them when it comes to providing them with necessary supplements of the body. For this, you need a nutritionist to guide you to follow a balanced diet and not skip on any basic requirement of your body.

Most of us are unaware of our own body and its requirement, at what point our body might need vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E or calcium, potassium, iron, or any other necessary supplements, we do not know. Healthcare management can provide you with a professional nutritionist who will take care of these intricate details of your daily meals and will exactly know what your body needs to stay healthy and to function properly.

Having a healthcare expert at your disposal, to be there for you and support you 24/7 is a huge relief. Especially if you have old people at home for whom you do not get sufficient time to give them the required report and offer them company. For them, these nutritionists will take care of their bodily requirements and be there in times of emergency.

5. Assistance at home

The Healthcare staff who stays at your place can also help with certain light tasks if required. Needless to say, old people, find it difficult to manage life on their own. At every step, every day, they need someone to support them and help them to carry out trivial/important duties of life. For example, cleaning their room for them, arranging their bed, arranging their clothes for them, getting medicines for them, cutting their nails, maintaining hygiene, etc.

For these small tasks, they might need assistance which the healthcare staff can easily provide. If the parents are living alone and the child or children stay out for work for 12 hours a day, during this time the helper can carry out those duties for the elderly and make life easier for them.

Now you know that it is not just health that the healthcare management looks out for, it is the wellbeing of the concerned person towards which the management focuses upon.

6. A better outcome for recovering patients

It has been noticed often that patients recovering at home, surrounded by their loved ones tend to recover faster than those who are recovering within the walls of a hospital. Maybe it is the comfort of their home or the love and support of their loved ones that the recovery accelerates for some patients. If they are not sent to the hospital and if the hospital provides them with staffs of their own to keep a check on their recovering health and see what the patient needs from time-to-time, their recovery might not take a lot of time.

Since a patient’s recovery and willpower are directly associated with his/her psychology, sometimes staying in isolation on the hospital bed might slow down or sometimes even stop slow down or stop. Medicines do not seem to work for patients if their will to get well is absent. Sometimes this will power is developed and strengthened in the presence of their loved ones.

Daily conversations with them and having healthcare staff around you to support and keep a check on your health is more than sufficient for the patient’s recovery.