What Is Meant by Keyword Cannibalization? Here’s The Answer!

Keyword cannibalization occurs when different pages on a company’s website fight for the exact key phrase or keyword. The content created in blogs’ structure can be highly effective if utilized with accurate keywords by SEO. The Best SEO Services in Delhi and major cities can help generate SEO-optimized content.

Effect of Keyword Cannibalization

The websites, at most times, are not even aware that something on their page is wrong. Websites if ranked fifth or sixth do not pay attention to why they haven’t been ranked first. Keyword Cannibalization impacts the webpage adversely. Some of the effects are –

  • Irrelevant backlinks – If a website has similar pages fighting for exact keywords, then the links may diverge the audience to another page. The data gets split over different pages instead of generating pages that connect to one commanding page with relevant information.
  • Decrease in rankings – One of the significant impacts of keyword cannibalization is its influence on the ranking. Many web pages having exact keywords will lead to a lower ranking when searched for.
  • Lesser Exchange Rate – The goal while using SEO must be to have a single page that is an excellent medium of data that provides different links. These links lead to relevant information related to the keyword.

Verifying Keyword Cannibalization 

Following a few easy steps, one can make sure not to get impacted by keyword cannibalization. The foremost step would be to generate a keyword grid. The keyword grid must have significant keywords and URLs. In addition, it should be considered not to have overlapping keywords.

Duplicate keywords must be removed. Keyword mapping tools are widely available, which help in checking the relevancy of the article. It also helps prevent Keyword Cannibalization.

Fixing Keyword Cannibalization

As soon as it is known that Keyword Cannibalization impacts a website, one must ensure to improve and restructure to resolve Keyword Cannibalization.

  • Generating Fresh landing pages – A website should have a landing page supposed to combine all identical pages with similar keywords.
  • Discover innovative keywords – Ensure that the website’s keyword tactic is accurate. By using numerous tools to search relevant keywords, a website’s content can be fixed.
  • Website restructuring – The simplest remedy for keyword cannibalization would be to structure one main page connected to several related pages.

Prevent Keyword Cannibalization

The easiest way would be to maintain a spreadsheet having lists of keywords and links. A decent keyword strategy must begin with detailed research and proper planning. A list of target keywords needs to be checked thoroughly to avoid duplication.


Keyword Cannibalization happens when identical keywords end up on several similar pages. Content creators aim to rank their websites higher. The precise tools required can enhance a website’s content. Keyword Cannibalization can lead to major problems. It can be easily fixed. The SEO wellbeing of a website can be maintained via SEO Agency.