What is self storage in West Vancouver and how flexible is it?

First of all, what is self storage for?

They solve the problem of the availability of extra storage spaces (warehouses, boxes, cellars, closets) for residential and commercial customers.

Peculiar characteristics:

Access 24/7

Economic monthly fixed costs

Premium storage service

Flexible rental conditions

It is a professionally managed self storage in West Vancouver. The small-medium size allows management that always goes to meet the customer with sometimes very tailor-made services. It is committed to long-term growth and therefore very structured on the quality of services. The business has grown rapidly in response to the needs of a large city like Vancouver and its hinterland that is hungry for spaces to store things that temporarily do not have a definitive location.

How can you safely choose a mini-warehouse in times of a pandemic?

 The current global health crisis has forced many companies to accelerate their digital transformation. An otherwise slow and gradual transition is happening virtually overnight as businesses have no choice but to quickly adopt digital solutions that will help them stay in business. What was often considered a bonus and regular services just a few months ago is now a vital necessity. 

Since self-storage is considered an essential activity many people have yet to use self-storage drives. During the crisis, the self-storage sector continued to operate. Some self-storage is introducing digital solutions such as contactless rentals to meet the storage needs of their customers during the coronavirus pandemic. contactless rentals and their importance during these difficult times.

What are contactless rentals?

Contactless rentals allow people to rent self-storage units in West Vancouver without direct contact with company employees. They can complete the rental process and gain access to their unit by phone or online in a few simple steps. In this way, self-storage companies can still provide their unique customer service while safeguarding the health of their staff and customers.

Self Storage is an advantage both for private and for a company in Vancouver, where sometimes the extra space has to be sacrificed in favor of a purchase price or lower rent. Perhaps this is why so many people turn to our mini-warehouses in Vancouver. The monthly cost of a mini deposit is much lower than the cost of the extra rent or mortgage on a larger property.

Self-storage in West Vancouver for businesses.

If you run a business, you could rent a self-storage unit rather than committing to a lengthy commercial lease. Our self-storage facility in West Vancouver has a fee linked only to the size of the space you need and the amount of space you can rent you can check before booking, so we are often used as a cheap and flexible alternative to storage. traditional. It is possible to store actions, tools, equipment, and company archives in our mini-warehouses.

Advantages of self storage in West Vancouver with Vancouver Storage

Vancouver Storage offers:

Competitive prices

Access 24 hours a day (365 days a year)

Facilities covered by 24/7 CCTV and intrusion alarms

Parking on-site

Mini warehouses of various sizes

Availability for Mini Coworking

Easy access to units

Packaging materials for sale

Transport service and concierge service for parcel acceptance

Possibility to take advantage of the free wi-fi active in all boxing

Our friendly and dedicated team will surely find with you the right solution to your needs.