What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening involves making teeth lighter, not necessarily whiter but it can lighten the teeth and make it whiter than it was. This is done whenever the teeth become yellowish or brownish due to stains from food, beverage, coffee, wine, blackcurrant, smoking, etc Smoking can also cause stains on the teeth.

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Teeth Whitening methods include in-office whitening with the world-famous Zoom system, customized take-home whitening trays


Who whitens the teeth?

It can only be carried out by a professional dentist or dental hygienist. Just any doctor cannot whiten the teeth.

When you notice that there are stains on your teeth, you should go see a dentist for the proper oral examination which involves laser whitening and the likes.


Why do you need to whiten your teeth?

Just like we are from different tribes, cultures, languages, races, have different skin colors, hair lengths, and even different eye colors, the color of our teeth also differs from every other person.

It can be white naturally or it can have an entirely different color; the teeth can be made lighter or whiter at any time.

We need to whiten our teeth because as we grow, the color of our teeth changes and it does not look as white as before if you have white, beautiful, or strong teeth.


Process of Teeth whitening

Bleaching is one of the methods of teeth whitening. When you go to your dentist for a checkup, he/she tells you the treatment suitable for your teeth. Different things can be used to treat the teeth to make them whiter and lighter.


How long does teeth whitening take?

After total examination of the teeth, depending on the treatment needed by your teeth, the time of teeth whitening might vary.


Cost of teeth whitening 

Professional Teeth whitening is more expensive due to the products that will be needed or the services required. The average price is about $500 to $1,000 for a treatment and it also varies depending on your country (Location).


Risks of teeth whitening 

If you have sensitive gums and teeth, there is a high probability that the chemicals used in teeth whitening can affect your gum and teeth.

  • It can cause burns to the gums and the enamel of the teeth can also be affected.
  • It can cause gum irritation
  • It can cause pain in some cases when some people want to over-whiten their teeth
  • Not all stains can be removed by teeth whitening


How long does teeth whitening last?

It isn’t permanent and it can last for about 3 years that is why going for check-ups regularly is important. How long teeth whitening will last can vary depending on age, way of life, and genes. If a person keeps smoking or taking tea, blackcurrant, coffee, red wine, and the likes, the whitening of the teeth won’t last.


Ways to look after the teeth after whitening 

  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Avoid the consumption of food or drinks that contains tannins such as coffee, wine, etc


Do I need to get whitening kits?

Depending on the severity of the stains, whitening kits can also be effective.

There are different types of whitening kits, which are;

  • Teeth whitening kits with moldable trays
  • Teeth whitening kits with prefilled trays
  • Whitening kits with LED lights


Teeth whitening kits with moldable trays

This kit requires going through heat before use. You have to heat them before using them on your teeth, determine your teeth mold and then place the whitening gel to get the desired result.


Teeth whitening kits with prefilled trays

The teeth trays will be filled with whitening gels and then place on your teeth, this procedure is stress-free compared to other kits.


Teeth whitening kits with LED light

This looks finer and more effective compared to the other kits available, this helps in the distribution of the gel evenly on the teeth.


Benefits of Teeth whitening

  • A white smile reduces the wrinkles and lines on the face and makes a person look younger.
  • It boosts the confidence of a person
  • It increases the self-esteem of a person
  • It is a sign of healthiness
  • It improves a person’s appearance
  • Social opportunities of the individual become enhanced
  • It improves attractiveness to the opposite sex
  • It does not require a long process before results start to show, after the teeth whitening you begin to see changes immediately.
  • It can be performed in a short while