What is the best scholarship for average students in India?

The rapid increase in tuition fees has made it very difficult for capable students to pursue education. Surprisingly, India has a high percentage of drop-out students in grades 10 and 11. Scholarships are hence the need of the hour. Government and some public and private organizations have joined hands in providing such programmes to promote literacy.

Did you know that India provides several scholarship programmes for the average as well as meritorious students? Well, if you didn’t, we’ll take you through a comprehensive list of scholarship programmes for average students, which provide equal opportunities to them.

9 GEMS Scholarship Programme

It is a beautiful initiative taken to promote education opportunities among high school students. The 9 GEMS Scholarship programme provided by Global Indian International School is internationally recognized among the best educational practices for its integrated and unique learning spheres that offer a well-rounded education. This framework has won the prestigious “Golden Peacock Award” in 2014 for innovation in product/service.

The model helps children become holistic individuals. The framework carefully balances academics with extracurricular activities. Each design, feature and learning space is carefully designed to suit the children’s needs while supporting maximum leverage of the pedagogy.

This scholarship is applicable for children studying in grade 6-10 in the CBSE Curriculum. The tenure of the programme is one year. The scholarship is divided into three categories based on state, national and international recognition of 9 GEMS Skills in events conducted. It is a highly beneficial program, and the students can avail a discount of 10-20% in their tuition fee annually.

The 9 GEMS programme can also be availed by students who have gained recognition in sports and performing arts.

The teaching methodology used in GEMS helps children adapt to the changing needs of the time. It brings out the best in children with them showing their innate strengths and personality.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

Another scholarship provided by the school mentioned above recognizes young talents in IT technology and encourages them to become tech-savvy very early in life. This is a talent-based scholarship for students who have a natural inclination towards understanding applications, gadgets, and other digital tools. The programme aims at supporting children proficient in the field of technology. Children from grade 6 to 10 can benefit from this scholarship.

JM Sethia Merit Scholarship Scheme

This is another renowned merit-based scholarship programme. The student from grade 9 to 12 can avail of this scholarship. This programme is also applicable to individuals who want to pursue graduation and post-graduation. The scholarship is based wholly on a student’s academic merit. The application period for this scholarship is between May and July.

Pre-Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities

This scheme contradicts the belief that scholarship is offered only to deserving merit-based students. It is a means-based programme, which provides scholarships for students from low-income classes. An average student from an economically backward class may apply for this scholarship. It is offered for students studying from Grade 1 to 10. The application period for this scholarship is between August and September.

Schindler’s Igniting Minds Scholarship Program

This is another scholarship program to go for if you are an average student. The program is offered to students of 10th and 12th who choose to pursue a diploma after matriculation. The application period for this scholarship starts in January and ends in March.

Each year, hundreds of scholarship programmes are available to the meritorious and the average students alike. Keep track of the application period of the scholarships you have short-listed for your higher studies. Now, you no longer have to feel burdened by the rising prices of the tuition fee. We have prepared this list of renowned scholarships to help you make the most out of your education years by choosing wisely.