What is the Default Password of Xfinity Routers?

xfinity default password

Xfinity Routers are among the most popular networking devices today. You can set it up in your home or small office space easily. Once the setup is complete, you can use multiple compatible devices to connect to the internet. To ensure this, you must know the Xfinity admin password so that you can log into the admin console of the router and set it up. Although the process of using this password is simple and straightforward, it is advised that you stick to the recommended guidelines to avoid any error, especially if you are new to routers. Read on to explore what is the default password of Xfinity Routers and how you can use it.

Where Can I Find the Xfinity Router Default Password?

Locating the default password of your Xfinity Router is easy. Your newly purchased router comes with a user manual which includes all the necessary information related to the router. That said, you can find the default password of your Xfinity Router in this manual. Apart from the password, you can find the username, the router specification, setup guidelines, etc. in this manual. In case you don’t know how to reset Xfinity WiFi box, you can refer to this manual and follow the recommended instructions.

If you’ve lost the user manual that came along with your Xfinity Router, you can flip the router and locate the default password. The back or bottom of the router has the default IP address, username, and the password mentioned on it. The default password of the router is “password”, without quotes.

Stepwise Process of Using the Xfinity Router Default Password

Now that you know where to find the default password of an Xfinity Router and what the password is, follow the below-mentioned steps to use this password for router login:

  1. Connect the router to a computer using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser on your computer and type in the browser’s address bar.
  3. Press Enter to open the router login page.
  4. Now, enter the default username and the password in the required fields and click on “Login” to login to the router admin console.
  5. Once you are logged into the router, you can access the various tabs to make necessary changes to the router settings.

Instances might occur when you notice your Xfinity orange blinking light. In such cases, don’t panic. It occurs when the device encounters any hardware issue. To get rid of such issues, first, restart the router and check if the issue is resolved. In case the issue persists, press and hold the reset button of the router for 10 seconds and release it. This will reset the router and is one of the most effective ways to resolve the blinking of orange light on Xfinity Routers.