What is the impact of clean water supply through Water Hand Pumps?

The water wells are the only water storage facility in many villages; therefore, water pumps play an important role to help people produce water from their land. Moreover, a water well has no impurities or salinity. Therefore, it is very useful for drinking as well as it can be used over a long period because water does not go bad easily. This water pump was invented by Dr Packard of France which has been widely used in many countries, including Pakistan, where you can see them working day and night.


In addition, clean water is so much needed for personal hygiene, health care, and agricultural purposes as 40% of the population in Pakistan have no access to safe water. It has been reported that more than 2 million people die every year from water-borne diseases. The water pumps are vital to preserving water in the water wells as they also purify water and help remove any impurities from water.


Recently, water wells have been used for water storage from where water is distributed to rural areas by water tankers. This water pump helps preserve water in ponds and water tanks, making them useful as they are needed during a shortage of water sources. Therefore, donating water pumps is a great step to help the people who have no access to clean water.


Water pumps are vital for the living conditions of villages as they rely on rainwater which may not be sufficient all year-round; therefore, these water pumps drill water wells to give easy access to fresh and clean drinking water even during drought periods. Moreover, the women do not need to walk long distances, especially at night or early mornings, to fetch water because it’s easily available near their houses. In addition, water pumps also help the rural people water their crops and therefore, it saves them time, money and water.


The locals who construct water wells on their land usually drill shallow water wells of less than 100 feet; however, a water pump has a higher drilling capacity that reaches up to 300 feet or even more depending on the type of water well the villagers require. It has been reported that many local people have drilled water wells up to depths of 200 feet due to the availability of water pumps in Pakistan which is very helpful during drought periods when rainwater may not be sufficient for the farmers and households.


A water pump is used everywhere for drinking, agriculture, irrigating land etc. Please keep in mind that water pumps are needed for Pakistan’s rural area where clean water is a dream for the local people? Also, remember that this device is very useful for countries like Haiti, which was struck by an earthquake in 2010 and makes it hard for them to get back on their feet because of a lack of working water pumps there.


Donate water pumps with Gift A Well funds! An organization, ‘Gift A Well’ based in Washington DC has provided these devices since 2008 to many countries where water is a big issue in their daily lives. They have also been promoting clean water within the local communities because water causes many diseases that kill millions of people every year. For example, water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid are spread easily when water is not regularly treated or allowed to sit for too long. Therefore water pumps are used to treat water after it comes out from the ground.


They work with partners in local communities and provide water pumps to them free of cost when they have enough funds available but do not have any water pumps. The water pumps are provided when people do not have financial resources or water wells drilled on their lands; therefore, the water pump donation is a great way to help these communities get back on their feet again after losing everything during an earthquake or flood etc. These Tips Will Boost Your Car Insurance Coverage


The water pump project initiated by Gift A Well helps clean water filter through groundwater to reach aquifers which recharge underground water supplies, allowing the community to access clean drinking water even during drought periods. Furthermore, it has been reported that many people who receive this device begin using it immediately as they also learn how to maintain it.

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