What is The Most popular Flower in Singapore

When it comes to gift-giving, there are many choices. Flowers are one of the most well-known gifts to consider. Flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fragrances, and colors. Some flowers are more well-known and preferred than others. The unique charms of these blooms may be the reason behind their popularity. As a result, here is a selection of Singapore’s most popular flowers for you to choose from.

1. Roses

Roses are famous for their classic beauty and are loved by many. As the symbol of love and sophistication, roses are popular in Singapore. Besides its beauty, the reason for this bloom’s popularity is also its meaningful symbolism that extends beyond love. People would send a bouquet of roses to their dearest ones out of admiration and appreciation.

Roses exist in various colors, therefore this bloom is perfect for gifts. Every color has its meaning. According to the floriography, pink and red roses are the best choice if you wish to express your romantic feelings for someone. Yellow roses are suitable for both, to appreciate a friend and reject one’s confession. Meanwhile, orange roses are the appropriate gift to say “Congratulations, buddy!”. There is a flower delivery Singapore that will deliver your gift to your friend’s door on their special day.


2. Sunflowers

Another flower to mention on this list is the “giant daisy,” sunflower. This birth month flower of August is commonly attached with the perfect summer scenery. In the field of grass, under the blue sky, the color of sunflower shines brightly under the sunlight. This exquisite charm is mainly the reason behind its worldwide popularity, including in Singapore.

Now and then, the sunflower is well-known as the symbol of happiness of positivity. That makes this cheerful bloom highly suitable as decoration for joyous events like birthday parties, afternoon tea, event wedding receptions. Besides decoration, you can also express your loyalty and devotion with a bouquet of sunflowers.

3. Hydrangea

The popularity of hydrangea in Singapore is not something you should doubt. The delicate presence and colorful petals of this flower could mesmerize you in just one glance. In Japan, this flower is called “Snowball.” Hydrangea got its nickname because of its similarity to a snowball.

You can find hydrangea in various colors such as, pink, white, purple, blue, red, green, and white. People usually send this flower to their close ones as an act of gratitude. The perfect pair for hydrangeas is no other than the beautiful lilies. This combination would make the ultimate delicate bridal bouquet.

4. Lilies

The flower of purity, lilies, is also highly demanded in Singapore. There is a lot of variety in this dainty bloom. However, the most popular are definitely Oriental lily, Asiatic lily, and Trumpet lily. Lilies are also popular as cut flowers and last longer than most flowers.

Unlike roses with their strongly-sweet scent, lilies’ scent is far more subtle, almost no fragrance at all. If you prefer to decorate your rooms or working areas with sweet fragrances, white lilies are the perfect option for you.

5. Tulips

Tulips are the representation of deep love and feelings. Tulips are available in a variety of colors, ranging from the brightest yellow to the deepest red. This popular flower has a wide range of floral aromas, ranging from a mild honey-like scent to a crisp zesty scent.

You can offer pink tulips as a celebratory gift, but yellow tulips are the best because they represent happiness, positivism, and accomplishment. The same message is conveyed by a charming multi-colored tulip bouquet, which conveys unwavering love and support.

6. Gerbera Daisy

Another popular flower that is perfect to fill up your vases, is the gerbera daisy. The reason is that this colorful bloom could last up to 14 days after it got cut. Naturally, this tiny bloom exists in any color except blue. The gerbera is a classical emblem of beauty, but it also has a positive connotation. The enormous variety of color selections, according to many, is the source of this meaning.

Fun fact, gerbera daisies are always facing the sun. They follow the sun’s path from east to west. Gerberas Daisies are brightly colored flowers that represent purity and innocence. They fill our days with excitement and beautiful colors, with joy, elegance, and enthusiasm.

7. Orchids

Orchids’ popularity is nothing to question since orchids are named as one of the oldest families of flowering plants. This exotic bloom is so high in demand as it is one of the most popular cut flowers in the market. If you want to send one to your friend, yellow orchids would be an exceptional gift. To be more extra, you could also send them a fruit basket with cards and letters.

Love, beauty, grace, descendants, thoughtfulness, and mature appeal are all flower symbols linked with the orchid. Orchids are well-known for their scent, and they’re not a stranger to the perfumery and aromatherapy field.