What jobs you can get with CIPD qualification

In this era of competition, everyone is in the race of achieving higher designation and secure jobs in their career field and profession. Be it the sector of IT or architecture, candidates in their respective are being highly competitive and are trying their best to impress the recruiters with the best of their skillset.
Before landing the job of your choice, you have to study a lot! Accomplishing a good and sustainable degree is one of the major tasks in which one has to succeed in order to land his dream job.
Not only the degree, but one can also get certifications and diplomas in his desired field to get the job. Qualification is the key to the door of opportunities and in this competitive digital era, an individual must be qualified enough to pave his way towards a good internship or even job.
The more you are qualified, the most you have the chance to land a secure and more financially stable job.


When we talk about the sector of human resources, learning, and development; one thing is cleared and that is the monetary growth in this professional career!
Narrowing down the certifications of the HR department, another one that is in demand is CIPD qualification. Heard about this certification before?
The CIPD qualification is the type of toolkit that reflects your expert level of skills and experience for a role in the HR department. The expert writers from CIPD assignment UK emphasized, if you are the one who is studying HR and the development of employees then this is high time to consider getting a CIPD qualification.


The CIPD- Chartered Institute of Personnel Development is the main professional body to accredit and award professional human resources (HR) qualifications. The qualification of CIPDs is a recognized professional standard for HR and training specialists and is widely regarded by employers across the world.
For the department of HRs and different roles of the HR sector, the employers expect the candidates to have qualifications like those accredited by CIPD.
To ensure the high quality and following of the best approaches, the CIPD offers qualifications are designed to train all the stages of the HR professional. This is important so that the HR professional is skilled with all the knowledge and information that is needed to thrive in the industry.
There are basically 3 levels of CIPD certifications;
Level 3 (foundation certificate)- entry-level qualification for beginners
Level 5 (associate diploma)- intermediate level qualification for experienced professionals
Level 7 (advanced diploma) – expert-level qualification for the senior professional with massive experience in the HR sector.


CIPD qualification is rising quickly among the professionals of the HR industry. In this guide, we will be breaking down the jobs that you can get with the CIPD qualification. Let’s have a look.

HR Director:

If you have completed the CIPD level 7 then this job is for you. The HR director is the most senior position in the human resource department and is considered the biggest achievement of the HR professionals.
This requires huge experience and specialist knowledge to apply for this position. One has to have a great talent and significant experience in the HR field to develop the training plans and management skills to reach this position.

HR Advisor:

The professionals who have cleared CIPD level 5 can apply for the most important intermediate job roles in the human resources. This job role is considered to be the backbone of the Human resource department.
The HR advisors are responsible for advising the senior management and decisions that are directly affecting the employees. Recruitment, retention, payroll, etc.; is also the responsibility of the HR advisor.

HR Assistant:

This one is an entry-level role and the professionals from the CIPD level 5 can apply for this position. The HR assistant is usually responsible for supporting the personnel processes of any company or organization.
The professionals from the HNC assignment help stressed the idea, HR assistant is a broad and generalist kind of role that deals with clerical and administrative tasks. This also makes sure the HR department is performing its functions to the best level.

L&D Manager and Director:

Another mid-level role from the HR department is L&D manager and the professionals with the CIPD level 5 can apply for this position. They are responsible for overseeing and implementing the training and learning of the employee development in the company.
The main function of the L&D manager is to design bespoke training programmers and roll them out to the employees. The L&D managers can also get promoted to the L&D directors which is another great post of the HR department.

Head of Equality and Diversity:

This post requires you to complete the CIPD level 7 as it is the specialist and the senior HR role responsible for managing all aspects of the qualities and inclusion issues in the company. This is another great and high-grade post in the HR department.
As this post would be the senior one, so the person may have to answer the CEO or the board community. Usually, the professionals from level 5 of CIPD also land this job role on the basis of experience.


With the help of this ultimate guide, you might have understood that how CIPD qualification is bringing opportunities for secured job roles. If you are planning to do the CIPD qualification then go ahead with this soon as this one would be your best career and professional decision for long-term growth in the HR sector.