GIIS Pune is a co-educational day school that is affiliated with the Central board of secondary education ( CBSE), New Delhi. This school offers a Montessori Plus Program to the students from pre-nursery to class XII. As anyone associated would acknowledge that this school follows a dynamic framework of holistic learning- the 9 Gems Model in order to provide every student with opportunities for personality growth, academic excellence, and also vocational training.

GIIS Pune is one of the most popular Montessori schools in Pune.

  •   GIIS Pune is an ISO-certified premier institution that was ranked no.5 in Pune by the education world India school rankings in the Day co-ed category.
  •   Students from GIIS Pune have bagged laurels at the district, state, and national levels in several sports such as rhythmic gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, archery, skating, and many more.

A Montessori school is based on a system that is an amalgamation of general pre-school practices that enable age-specific, holistic learning in every child. This system of education that GIIS Pune follows has a comprehensive approach to teaching where educators seek to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format. Here students are taught to reflect on their actions and taught how to learn from the community around them. Teachers often engage students in projects that apply critical thinking skills towards solving real-world problems. Some commonly applied methods include:

  1. Experimental methods
  2. Self-guided learning
  3. Interdisciplinary coursework.


GIIS Pune is amongst the top schools in Pune that believes in student-led conferences, crossover, and Integrated learning besides learning based on context and research. The 9 Gems Method followed by the school encompasses nine important areas of learning, which are academic excellence, collaborative and project-based sports, health and fitness excellence learning, etc. The school has infused the fundamentals of format learning with the latest innovative tools and methods, to offer unique development and growth opportunities for their students. GIIS aims at facilitating an enthusiastic learning environment by providing highly experienced faculty, innovative educational methods, high-quality infrastructure. The fee structure of this school promises parents outstanding facilities, excellent academic support, and expert facility. GIIS Pune includes the famous GMP (Global Montessori program).

GIIS Pune endeavors to provide the best facilities to its students and ensure that their community is stronger, happier, and ever-growing. This school provides a well-planned assessment process that is conducted by expert admission counsellors. GIIS Pune realized early on that if today’s world is the ocean, then one’s character is the right wind and technology is the boat. The school keeps these two parameters at the heart of all policy-making, schedules, and curriculum. Right from imparting knowledge, to practically testing on it, to extracurricular projects, to performance management, tech forms the core of everything besides learning.  At GIIS we believe a student grows academically and personally when engaged in extracurricular and co-curricular events and activities. With this approach, we encourage students to explore their inner self and their interests which helps them find a passion to nourish and care apart from academics.

The superlative results delivered by GIIS Pune consistently over the years have made the school gain popularity with more students enrolling each year. It has an extremely supportive faculty who encourages students in striving to their best capabilities. This school emphasizes academic excellence but also focuses on other aspects of student growth including sports, skills development, leadership skills, and universal values. These competencies help in vocational and career progression during school years.