What Makes Kumon Different from Other After School Programmes?


People always want the best of everything: be it a product or an experience. Thus, whenever there’s a need to buy something, from the simplest item to the most expensive services, we compare. Find a list of all potential options – by asking friends, family and colleagues or by searching on Google – and then evaluating the options based on different factors. Now, although you always have the option to follow the same process but when it comes down to finding the best after school programmes for your child, Kumon is where your search ends.

Before you ask, below are the key reasons why Kumon after school and early childhood education programmes are better than others.

Personalized learning approach: Kumon learning programmes are personalized for each child. Each student gets a personalized learning programme that includes worksheets that are in accordance with their personal learning abilities. How does it help? Personalized learning programmes enable students to learn and grow at their own pace. They start with familiar concepts and proceed to new ones, slowly and steadily. The assigned worksheets focus on the student’s current needs and ability. Through daily study of math and/or English worksheets, the child progresses at his/her own speed, developing the ability to self-learn, to work at pace, with good concentration skills and to correct his/her own work.

A learning programme for every child: Kumon is a learning programme that is for every child. The primary aim of the education programmes is to help all students progress to studying advanced-level work, irrespective of whether they are gifted or because they are struggling. The Kumon methodology, clubbed with the Kumon small-steps worksheets, helps build a strong foundation, nurture it, and encourages students to go beyond their age and ability to study advanced level concepts on an international scale.

Long-term approach to learning: At Kumon, learning is not just for the student’s academic journey. The 30-minutes of study per subject, per day, is to instill a love for learning in students and make them independent learners – a habit that would help them the entire life, at school, university and even in their workplace.

“Just right” philosophy: “Self-learning” lies at the very core of Kumon after school learning programmes. The “just right” approach i.e. offering learning programmes that target a student’s individual learning abilities, allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace, on their own, following the instructions shared in the worksheets. Plus, the instructors make sure to provide the student’s with just enough support i.e. carefully observing them and intervening only when required.

To sum up, Kumon learning programmes offer students an opportunity to learn beyond their academics and take control of their learning. If you want the same opportunities for your child, visit your nearest Kumon learning centre or check out the website.

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