What qualifications should an attorney general possesses and why it matters!

Attorneys serves as the mirror of the magic stick which ensures justice. In approximately every existing state(country)throughout the world,  an attorney general works who might otherwise be stated as the mirror of the justice providing entities of a state and who works as the main legal adviser to the government.

Albeit different countries possesses different roles for the attorney general. An attorney general, whose first identity is ‘a barrister’, possesses the right to be a shadow judge following the constitution of some countries and in some countries an attorney general enjoys the rights and facilities of a minister as well.

Let’s answer the same question in a significantly different way. Who is an attorney general? He is someone who represents the state or a country in all the legal matters which includes everything of jurisdiction and obviously in favor of the government aka the state.

And interestingly he can also be attributed as the king or the leader or the representative of all the existing attorneys of the state.

Thousands of attorneys exists then in a state. Okay. Let’s put a little light on the state specifically  which literally does not mean a country and indicates a state or a province aka provincial state of any country.

For instance, state like Idaho. Idaho is one of the states (provincial state) of the United states of America and well renowned for it’s gigantic and diversified mountains and landscapes and being a  remarkable sanctuary for the wilderness and possessing that vastness to accept and famous for all the outdoor recreational spaces.

However, the present attorney of the Idaho is Lawrence wasden who is also working as the 32nd legal adviser to the state government and also the longest serving attorney general of Idaho and he has been working since 2003 and of republican party. To qualify to be the attorney general of the Idaho state (the prime person responsible to represent all the Idaho attorneys) according to the constitution of Idaho, one needs to be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen, a well mannered member of Idaho bar council and a proud resident of Idaho at least two years prior to the election.

So, to be the general of all the Idaho attorneys (who provides the utmost legal service for the people of Idaho)one needs to have all the abovementioned qualities as the ultimate objective is to serve the people of the concerned state.