What Should You Know Before Buying Your First Stand Up Paddle Board?

Have you started fancying stand up paddle boarding recently and do you want to get into paddle boarding real soon? Before you could enjoy paddling in the sea you need to first pick the right stand up paddle board and this is not going to be as easy as you think. When you go online searching for your first stand up paddle board, you would be faced with a lot of confusions. Here are a few things that you may want to pay attention to so that you are making the right choices.

Paddle boards come in various sizes and you will have to pick the one that you feel confident to handle. The base should be large enough to give you enough room for you to stand. Broader bases help in giving you better stability in the water.

Paddle boards are available in different forms. You will find inflatable stand up paddleboards and hardboard paddleboards. Your choice here will depend on where you live. If you happen to be staying in a beachfront villa then you could simply go with a hardboard paddleboard. If you need to transport your paddleboard from your home to the waterfront then it is best to go with inflatable stand up paddleboard. Inflatable ones could be packed in a small bag with which they come. It is very easy and convenient to transport the inflatable stand up paddle board. You could actually travel with it and when you suddenly feel like paddling into the water you will have your paddleboard with you. It is not possible to do all these with a hardboard paddleboard. You need to plan your paddling afternoon well in advance so that you could make the transportation arrangement.

Before ordering your inflatable SUP, check what is included in the box. If you are going for an inflatable paddleboard it must include the pump, safety leash, repair kit, backpack for carrying your paddleboard after inflating it and the fin system. Check whether the paddles are included along with the paddleboard. Depending on the brand and the model you choose they may or may not be included. Do not presume that the paddles are always included with the paddleboard. You would only be disappointed when you fail to check this. At least when ordering itself if you learn that the paddle is not included you will be able to place the order for the paddles along with your paddleboard and both of them will be delivered together or else you would have to wait again for few more days to order your paddle to arrive and this wait could be frustrating.

The cost of the inflatable paddleboards will vary from brand to brand and from store to store. Comparing the prices before ordering will help you find the best deals. In this process do not sacrifice on the quality just because you want to save money on your inflatable paddleboard.