What things fail a home inspection?

What things fail a home inspection?

I know how long it takes to find the perfect house for your loved ones. When you finally find that house, it is normal to be reluctant to think about all the things that can fail the home inspection. I know how much you want it all to work out and just buy the house without any worries. You have fallen in love with the house, but it is still not wise to buy into someone else’s problems. You need to make a wise decision no matter what. Today I will tell you about all the problems that can resurface during home testing services MA.

Why should I order a home inspection?

Ordering a home inspection is the most crucial step in the process of buying a house. It can save you from a lot of troubles in the future. You wouldn’t want to be tricked into buying a house with rundown roofing, damaged foundation, or other serious issues. The repairs for such issues can cost much higher than your expectation. So, Never forget to get a home inspection before you agree to buy a house. You can move forward with the deal only after the house passes the home inspection and turns out to be in a pretty good condition. 

15 Issues that can fail a home inspection

Ground Sloping Towards the House

In a perfect world, every person would have a house with slopes directing the water away from the house. However, this is usually not the case as many houses have slopes that instead of taking water away direct it towards the house and cause problems for the residents. 

Faulty Foundation

A house’s foundation can have many potential issues like water-wicking, cracks, and termite infestation. A cracked foundation can also signal roofing issues, framing problems, leakages, and intrusive tree roots. Such damaged foundations can fail a home inspection. They cost a lot to repair and most of the time buyers refuse to go ahead with the deal after they find out about such severe damages. 

Poor Plumbing

Another common issue that can fail a home inspection is the poor plumbing system. A poor plumbing system can have smaller issues that are easier to repair like a slow drain or a leaking faucet, or larger issues like cross-connection issues that involve the contamination of household water from a different water source. Bigger problems are more costly and can be hard to repair. 

Little Leaks

Leaks in pipes, tanks, sinks, or any other place can be quite frustrating for the residents of the house. During Home inspection services in Methuen, the inspectors try to find signs of water damage, cracks in pipes, water spots on ceilings, and mold formation to see if there are any troublesome leaks around the house. Most of the time, they do find such problems and report them to the buyers in the form of an inspection report. 

Messy Mold

Mold is a fungus that usually occurs at places where there is some water damage, leaks, or extra moisture. Exposure to mold can cause the residents to develop multiple allergies and other health concerns. However, it is quite easier to completely get rid of. It is the water damage that would be of more concern instead. 

Tiny Termites

Termites are small insects that can be quite troublesome. Many buyers fear the existence of termites as they can completely ruin the foundation if left untreated for a long time. That is because termites survive by eating wood and houses are made of wood. So, termites are quite scary for homeowners and should be completely dealt with before you agree to but the house. 

Damaged Wood

Wood can be damaged due to a variety of reasons. It could happen either due to water damage, mold formation, or termites. Many times, houses turn out to have damaged and rotten wood which fails the home inspection.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can create major safety hazards for the residents. Almost every year, nearly 51,000 homes catch fire due to electrical issues. This is why the electrical system receives a lot of attention from the home inspectors during a home inspection. A qualitative home inspection in Methuen will definitely include the inspection of electrical wires, insulation, fuses, etc. to see if everything is alright. 

Safety Hazards

To make sure that you remain safe inside your house, the inspector will make sure all the locks are working. Most of the time inspectors find malfunctioning smoke alarms and faulty carbon monoxide detectors. 

Malfunctioning HVAC Systems

The HVAC system is responsible for improved comfort at home. A house can fail home inspection due to malfunctioning HVAC systems. Many times they find faulty furnaces, broken down air-conditioners, and poor ventilation around the house. 

Knowing that the house you fell in love with has problems can always be heartbreaking, but there are many solutions. If you do not want to back out from the deal and the damages are not that severe, you can renegotiate the price instead. Let’s say a house has some leaks and cracks in pipes, you can talk to the seller and convince him to subtract the cost of repairs from the total cost of the house. This way you will be able to keep the house and won’t be at loss either. If you live in Methuen MA, you should hire RJ inspections for home inspection services. They have certified home inspectors who are trained to provide the best home inspection services in Methuen.