What Type of Machines and Tools are Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The sheet metal fabrication process is all about turning flat sheets of aluminum or steel into metal products or structures by passing them through a series of steps, including cutting, punching, folding, and assembling.

Using the process, the sheets of metal can easily be converted nearly into any shape. There are different sheet metal manufacturers in Faridabad that use a variety of fabrication techniques to achieve a similar end result. However, the tools used by every sheet metal manufacturer in Faridabad are the same. 

Earlier, the process was carried out manually, but modern technology has gifted the industrial sector highly specialized gears and tools to alleviate the production level and achieve better outcomes. As sheet metal fabrication is a multi-stage process, it requires advanced technology and machine-driven expertise to handle the growing workload of the industry.

To form parts and components from sheet metal, here is a list of tools that you will be needing:

Lathe Machine

It is a multi-purpose machine that can cut, weld, knurl, drill, thread, and turn. Its main job is to rotate the workpiece to keep the process moving stage by stage. It also removes the unwanted parts of the material, resulting in a nicely shaped workpiece.

Grinding Machine

The machine plays a crucial role in smoothening the metal sheets. An abrasive material is rotated at high speed to remove the extra metal pieces from all the sides, thereby providing a polished and smooth surface. Using the machine, sheet metal fabricators can create high surface quality and high accuracy of shape and dimension.

Drilling Machine

This is a widely used machine required for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is easy to use and can perform multiple tasks. The machine has the ability to drill into different materials like metal sheets, concrete, and cement.

Broaching Machine

There are two types of broaching machines; one is linear, and the other is rotator. Both remove the material from the workpieces using a broach. It designs the workpiece into a form required by the manufacturer.

Saw Machine

It consists of a rotating blade that cuts metals into two pieces. The machine is mainly used at the initial stage of metal fabrication to give a fine finish to workpieces. The machine comes in different saws, among which hack saw, circular saw, and band saw are some of the widely used.

Shaper Machine

The machine uses a single-point cutting tool in a linear motion to cut metal sheets fixed on the table. It is a reciprocating type of machine that helps to produce vertical, horizontal, and flat surfaces.

Planer Machine

The machine works almost like the shaper machine, with the only differences being:

  • The cutting tool is static, and the workpiece rotates in a linear motion. 
  • The machine is usually larger than the shaper machine. 

Hobbing Machine

It is a special type of milling machine used for cutting gears, splines, and sprockets. The machine inexpensively and extensively carries the tasks that make it a popular choice for sheet metal fabrication.

Shearing Machine

It is a special machine with blades or rotary disks used for cutting metal sheets, bars, and plates. It does not form any residual materials or chips and cut metal into fine shapes.

Hem Band Saw

A highly specialized cutting tool that cuts metals at different angles, like 90, 60, and 45 degrees. It offers a stable performance owing to its adjustable pressure, blade tension, and guide arm.

It is also backed with a manual control feature, allowing the worker to monitor the cutting process and make adjustments accordingly. 

The machine can perform several tasks like shearing, notching, cambering, punching, bending flat plates, and cutting rods, bars and sheets. Using this single tool, you can do half of the metal fabrication task effortlessly.

Drill Press

The drill press is an easy-to-use, versatile machine that drills with more accuracy and precision. It is secured in a rotating chuck to bore and drill holes in different materials.

Press Brake and Cambering Machine

A press brake is a pressing tool used for bending metal sheets by clamping them between a matching punch and die. It converts the sheets into channels, sections, angles, and girders.

A cambering machine changes the shape of the metal sheets and transforms them into vertical and horizontal arcs.

Oxy- Gas Torches

The tool is used to heat metal using various fuel gases and oxygen, making the cutting process easier. The tool uses a neutral flame for joining and cutting all ferrous and non-ferrous metals except brass.


Sheet metal fabricators use all the tools mentioned above to carry out the fabrication process and ensure the production of fine output. As a metal fabricator, you can select a few of the tools from the above-given list as per your requirement to boost your processing.