What work does an electrical maintenance company do?

In this modern era of technology, electricity is a need for everyone. Often the electrical appliances at home like AC start to act up and create problems. This is where electrical maintenance comes. It is the process of checking and making sure that the wiring and electricity provided to a building (either its commercial or industrial) is flowing correctly. For this you can either hire an independent electrician or there are several electrical maintenance company in Dubai which you can hire.


There are several things an electrical maintenance company does, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Surge protection: There are surges happening in the building and outside the building. Surges outside of the building are safeguarded but about 80% of the surges take place inside the building. The surge protector restricts the surges taking place outside to enter the building or a house. The lightning protection intercepts the electrical voltage which prevents surges inside the house or building circuit.
  • Faults: In this process the crew finds problems in the circuit. It is also used to determine if the specific electrical appliance is safe to use. The electrician typically checks it by turning off the switch breaker and afterwards the circuit is checked with a socket tester or any other electrical appliance to have a look at the lightning circuits.
  • Earthing system: This system is planted underneath the ground and its purpose is to alter the route (to the ground) if the electrical system is in a hazard for example: catching a fire or the circuit malfunctioning. The electrical maintenance companies instal the earthing system in the circuit to prevent such incidents or check for any problems if already installed.
  • Short circuit protection: Sometimes the flow of current is in an abnormal amount. This creates a problem for not only the circuit but also the electrical appliance attached to it as it burns the circuit and causes the appliance to malfunction. To prevent this incident from taking place the electrical maintenance companies install circuit breakers or fuses. Whenever the circuit breaker detects a huge amount of current flowing, it powers itself out and also the main circuit.


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