When to Hire Professional Service of Termite Inspection in Melbourne?

Termites are the white ant that feeds on wood and quickly becoming the pests of homes. They are invisible to the people until any significant damage is caused. But the cost to repair the damage will be costly, so it is advisable to go for the termite inspection to prevent severe damage. Termite inspection Melbourne provide you permanent solution for your termite problem. 

Two types of termites are worker and swarmer. Workers are creamy coloured, and they are only 3 to 4 mm long. They are visible only when the mud foraging tube is broken. Swarmer is black or dark brown, and they are 4 mm long. Swarmer’s termites are the reproductive caste of the termite colony. Here are some lists of tips that will help you to identify the signs of termite activity in your house. 

  • Mud tubes on the walls   

Mud tubes are pencil or tube-like structure that is located near wood. Subterranean termites build mud tubes, and they are spot with the naked eye. Termites need moisture when they travel back, so they build mud tubes with the help of soil and termite dropping. 

  • Sign of damaged wood 

Termite chewing through the wood in search of cellulose may result in wood damage below the surfaces like walls and floors. When you knock at the hollowed wood, it sounds like an empty or papery sound. 

  • Stuck windows and tight-fitting doors  

The frames of our doors and windows in our homes are still made with wood. Termites can easily attack since it is very easy to access them from below the floor or outside your home. The moisture they produce while tunnelling through the window and door frames may cause the wood to warp. This makes them tough to open the windows and doors.  

Some other signs for infected termite house like dry wood termite dropping, tunnels in wood, hollow-sounding timber, flying termites, chewing noise, blisters in wood flooring etc 

Bottom Line 

Are you worried about termite damage? Many experts are spotting the signs of termites in your house and have advanced technology to detect termites even when they are invisible. Just go for the professional termite inspection in Melbourne to solve your termite problem.