When to Seek Professional Painting Restoration

If you have an art collection, there is every chance that you’ll need eventually need professional painting restoration. London, or any other major city, especially, can create an inhospitable environment for art kept in anything but the most optimum conditions. Before irreparable damage is done, consider acrylic painting restoration. London is home to Simon Gillespie, leading lights in this most precise of professions.

painting restoration london
painting restoration London

Professional painting restoration, as the name suggests, revolves around bringing a piece of art back to its former glories. The ravages of age, as well as exposure to the elements, can wreak havoc on the integrity of the art. As colours fade, paints flake and crack and frames begin in splinter, acrylic painting restoration in London becomes increasingly desirable.

“But wait”, you may be thinking. “I take care of my art. I have housed it exactly where a dealer told me to within my home, away from any direct sunlight and at an appropriate temperature, and I’m very careful about avoiding damage.” 

You may be – but can you say the same for everybody in your home? Guests that smoke cigarettes or cigars, for example, could be exposing art to unwelcome fumes. Professional cleaners, no matter how well-meaning, may inadvertently cause or aggravate smudges and tears while dusting. 

Even if this is not the case, professional painting restoration in London can become necessary through no fault of any human interaction. Aging work from the masters is prone to flaking and cracking due to the materials used back in the time. Equally, the frame and canvas provided may have a finite lifespan. It’s always advisable to investigate when you’re in need of acrylic painting restoration services. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure.

So, why do you know if you’ll need to contact an art restorer? The first step is the old-fashioned eye test. Take a tour of your art collection, reviewing from a safe distance. Does your art display any of the following?

  • Smudges in the paint
  • Faded colour palette
  • Cracks and flakes in the paint
  • Visible cracks and splinters in the frame
  • Miscoloured varnish coating the artwork

If you answered yes, seek out professional painting restoration. In London, Simon Gillespie will be delighted to oblige. The gallery is located on New Bond Street, and a team of dedicated, experienced art restorers are on-hand and ready to review. Even if you did not notice a particular problem, though, give serious consideration to approaching an expert in acrylic painting restoration in London.

The eye of an expert will pick up on any warning signs that may not otherwise be immediately apparent. This means that you’ll be able to retain exemplary standards in your art, with small nips and tucks made if necessary. This will obviously be less cost- and labour-intensive than major professional painting restoration, in London or anywhere else.

Keep the name of Simon Gillespie in mind whenever considering your art collection. The team affiliated with this gallery live and breathe fine art. As a result, you can rest assured that your collection is in good hands.