Where to Find Video Game Assets

Where to Find Video Game Assets

Helix Core

The Helix Core Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool is a powerful new asset management tool for video game developers. It enables teams to manage and track digital assets, providing the security and traceability needed to ensure game assets are never compromised.

Integrated with the Helix Core version control system, Helix DAM streamlines and secures the creation, management, and delivery of video game assets. It supports both 2D and 3D files as well as audio files.

OpenXcell Studio

If you’re looking to hire a game development team to create your mobile game, OpenXcell Studio is the place to go. They specialize in custom video game development for smartphones and tablets. The studio has experience with different types of games and can provide high-quality game art for various games.

When working on your game, assets are an essential part of the process. These can include everything from character designs to backgrounds, music, sound effects, and anything in between. Fortunately, many resources are available online to help you find and license these assets. For instance, you can browse the GameDev Market and find 2D sprites, 3D models, music, and sound effects. Some forums can connect you with game developers.

Game Art 2D

If you’re trying to make a game with 2D graphics, you may wonder where to find free game assets. Luckily, there are plenty of resources online that provide game art assets. OpenGameArt is one of the most significant resources for free game assets. Most of the game art assets you can use on OpenGameArt are under a public domain license. It means you can use them for free, and they are also high-quality. The website has numerous categories, including 2D and 3D art. Also, visit sites like https://xsolla.com/blog/where-to-find-assets-for-your-game.

Super Games Assets offers a wide variety of 2D game assets, including character animations and 2D sprites. You can also find platformer tilesets, AI functions, and game character packs. These assets can help you create a unique and visually appealing game.

Unity Asset Store

If you’re looking for pre-built assets to add to your next project, the Unity Asset Store is the way to go. This marketplace features assets that can be imported into your project immediately, and you can also earn money by selling them. You can purchase everything from meshes to AI, particle systems, and fully rigged characters. The Unity Asset Store also features a curated selection of free assets and tutorials.

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You can access the Asset Store from within your Unity project using the Window menu. To do so, you need to be logged into your Unity account. You can navigate the Unity store to purchase or download new assets. The Asset Store also features a section where you can redeem a voucher code, download an investment, and import it into your game. After you import the support, you’ll be asked to select which files to import into your game.

Perforce Streams

Perforce Streams for video game assets are a powerful way to manage your video game assets. They can be used in many different ways, from automating the creation of new workspaces to ensuring that only the necessary files are included in the game. You can set upstream depots to automate managing your game assets.

Perforce Streams is especially useful for game developers. They can use it to track the progress of changes in their project without slowing down development. They can easily see when new updates are available and merge the latest changes to prevent conflict. Streams can also help teams work on several areas without slowing down the process.

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