Which are the Top Schools in Noida, UttarPradesh?

The Education system in India is renowned for being one of the oldest, however an always adapting system. With times changing, the schooling sector in India has changed in terms of what they offer to their students . It is not only about academic education anymore. Parents when looking at a school, go over several aspects. Some of these include the locality, the kind of students that will surround their child and the capability of the faculty to propel their children into a bright future . 

Noida, situated in Gautam Buddh Nagar in the heart of Uttar Pradesh has a number of schools that fulfill all the above mentioned parameters. The location itself allows students to explore city life and get quality education at the same time. More than anything this allows them to tackle real world issues. 

Known as the New Okhla Industrial Development area ,Noida has seen a dramatic change in the last 3 decades and witnessed an influx of people and students from within and outside the country. With a growth in population, the demand for good schools has also grown. Having said this, Noida school admissions can be tough yet fruitful once you are in.Let’s have a look at 5 of the top schools in Noida. Amongst many of the well reputed schools in Noida , GIIS (Global Indian international school) comes highly recommended and after consistent research has become one of my favourites. The question being, “which is the best school in Noida”.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

GIIS I would say , comes close to one of the best schools in Noida with their all inclusive system of education. Ensuring your child’s cognitive and physical development is its biggest priority. Ranked No.1 by Times School Survey 2020 in the category of innovators , it is safe to say that GIIS has proved its worth in the field of education industry. 

Step By Step School

This school would be one of the oldest on the list of top 5 best schools in Noida. It was established in 1992. It’s aim to provide quality education to the students has allowed the school consistently rank as one of the best schools in the area. In the 2017 according to  Education World, it stood as the Number 3 co-education school in all of India.

Genesis Global School (GGS)

This school serves as an institution for day scholars and is residential. It offers not only  a world class education but a  mix of technology, innovation and culture . Located in Sector 132, the camou is one of a kind.


As per the online reviews from parents, students and teachers I have made this list of top three schools in Noida. You can find out more about the curricula, facilities, campus and scholarships offered by these institutes on their websites.