Which is Better? Dubai Desert Safari vs Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi is the capital, while Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. The emirates, undoubtedly, rank amongst the most popular tourist spots in the world. They constitute an astonishing blend of modern lifestyle and traditional Arab culture. Dubai is known for its ultra luxury architecture, while Abu Dhabi is the commerce centre of the United Arab Emirates. Since both the cities are desert based, you’ll find a number of places to explore the desert safari realm. 

Other than a few aspects, the safari tours of both cities are almost identical. Tourists are often confused upon choosing a desert safari tour in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The main question they have is which is better? The answer to this question lies within your own preferences and requirements.

Here are few factors that make the desert safari experience of each city, unique from one another.

Cost of Desert Safari

Getting the value for each penny you spend is the main concern of any tourist. Generally, price of Abu Dhabi desert safari deals are relatively on the higher side as compared to Dubai desert safari tours. However, it is compensated by the value you get for the additional bucks in Abu Dhabi desert safari. 

Desert safari packages in both cities are available in a wide array of price ranges. You can opt for the suitable package according to your budget. Although, if money is not your concern, we advise you to experience desert safari in Abu Dhabi as the adventure is more luxurious and extravagant. 

Quality of the Adventure

As mentioned earlier, desert safari in Abu Dhabi is costlier than in Dubai, it also provides better quality of adventure and travel. Abu Dhabi desert safari tours are considered to be more lavish, comfortable and wondrous. Food and beverages, entertainment, camping and the overall experience of Abu Dhabi safari tour are superior to that of Dubai. Those who have stayed in the camping sites of Abu Dhabi and Dubai rate the latter better than the other.  

Comparison of Sports

As far as adventure sports are concerned, Abu Dhabi desert safari tours intensely challenge your nerves than Dubai safari trips. Dune bashing in Abu Dhabi is far more exciting than in Dubai because the dunes and sand hills there are very tall and rough. Tel Moreeb in the Liwa desert is the world’s tallest sand dune, which is open to ride in a 4×4 vehicle. Desert safari adventure sports are aggressive and intense in Abu Dhabi as it has the tallest dunes in the world, which is more than enough to provide an instant adrenaline rush through your body. In Dubai, the sand dunes are easy to run over as they’re often flat. If you’re not into intense dune bashing and drifting along the rough slopes, Dubai desert safari might be optimal for you. 

Other than the tall and harsh dunes, The overall quality of the vehicles such as dune buggies and ATVs are better in Abu Dhabi. That’s where you get value for additional bucks. The safety standards of desert safari vehicles in both cities are according to international standards. Your vehicle must be equipped with a roll cage, if you want to ride your personal vehicle in the desert. 

Convenience and Engagement 

Although both the cities are surrounded by enchanting deserts, yet the desert safari in Abu Dhabi is located at a relatively convenient distance as compared to Dubai desert safari. The drive through a picturesque terrain leads you to a smooth and well maintained highway, which follows up to the breathtaking desert. The journey itself is tremendously exciting as you get to catch a sight of the world-famous oil pipelines that carry crude oil from the wells. On the other hand, in Dubai, you have to travel a great deal within the walled city in order to reach the desert, which makes the journey tiring. 

Travellers in both the cities have the opportunity to select either a twilight evening desert safari, morning desert safari or overnight desert safari tour with dune bashing and camping. However, the tour operators in Abu Dhabi are said to be customer centric and more professional as compared to those in Dubai. 

Desert Safari in both the cities are unique in their own ways and a better choice depends upon the personal preference of a tourist. Our suggestion would be, if you want a luxury desert safari experience with hardcore off-roading and nerve taking dune bashing, Abu Dhabi might be the place for you. But if you’re looking for a budget friendly adventure which does not put a hole in your wallet, while providing you the basic experience of a Desert Safari Dubai should be your choice.