Platinum Or White Gold: Which Is Trending Right Now?

Between white gold vs platinum, which makes a better choice for your engagement ring? Well, this is the current buzz that is going on when the wedding bells start ringing. But guess what? They are both quite trendy. So, your selection will depend on your taste, budget, and priorities. 

These two metals are precious and valuable, which means their value appreciates. Please don’t let their similar appearance fool you. Before you can toss a coin and pick one, take a look at the features and characteristics of white gold vs platinum

Which is more valuable between white gold vs. platinum?

You already know that white gold and platinum are valuable. However, gold comes in various karats, which will determine the value of this metal. For example, even if gold and raw platinum value is almost equal, a 14-karat white gold has low purity, making it less valuable than platinum. That’s why the price difference is significant.

Price comparison

When you go out shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, price is usually a top factor. You have to consider the ideal metal band and the perfect gemstone to pair. When you compare white gold vs platinum, both will look dazzling with any choice of gem. But a diamond tends to sparkle more than any other stones. White gold is a budget-friendly option, and you might want to go for this while you maximize other crucial aspects such as stone.



Platinum here takes the lead when it comes to their resilience. Due to this, it only requires less repolishing. Some folks love it even more when it starts to show its natural patina. And for white gold, the mixture of other alloys helps it to be stronger. Rhodium is one of those used to coat the white gold leaving it with a whiter sheen. Unfortunately, after some time of use, it does wear off, and you will need to re-dip it.

Rhodium plating

Besides renewing your ring with rhodium plating, to look new and whiter, rhodium also adds durability to the metal. The coating may last up to three years, although it depends on usage. Dipping your ring in a rhodium plating would cost at a range of $ 60 to $ 120, depending on the work needed, which is relatively inexpensive. But if you repeat that yearly, then the cost accumulates.


Platinum has a natural white/silver color, and it hardly needs the rhodium dipping to maintain its appearance. It has 95 percent pure platinum and 5 percent other alloys. And it’s for this reason that it’s more expensive than white gold, which has 75 percent pure gold and other metals.


Which of the two is likely to give you an allergy? (white gold vs. platinum)

Between white gold vs platinum, platinum is advantageous because it’s hypoallergenic. Nickel is a metal that may cause allergy when it gets in contact with a person prone to allergies. It doesn’t have to be mixed with platinum. However, this is an alloy you will find in white gold, required to make a good finish. If coated with rhodium, this reduces or eliminates the allergy reaction.

In conclusion, white gold is a lighter metal and prone to damages. On the other hand, platinum is pretty hard and one of the best choices for those looking for a sturdy ring option because their daily activities involve manual labor. These two metals are modish, and by looking at white gold vs platinum’s features, it would be easy to pick subject to your preference.