Wholesale Truffle Boxes

How to get Wholesale Truffle Boxes at a low price?

Chocolate truffles are named after the fruiting body of a fungus. They are shaped like truffles and are marvelous in taste. They have a truffle-like appearance and are topped with cocoa powder. Ruthless competition is being faced by the truffle manufacturers. For getting maximum sales packaging of the truffles should be made in attractive designs. Gone are the days when brands were independently judged on their packaging. Social media has brought an influence on the approach of customers. Packaging has become a key factor in the advertisement of a brand.
Truffle Packaging Boxes are provided to satisfy the audience with a unique presentation. Safe boxes are replacing the initially used plastic bags and plastic boxes. Wholesale Truffle Boxes are winning the hearts of the audience with their versatile designs and patterns. Truffle Packaging is approved by FDA as safe for food packaging and is responsible for hygienic food transfer.

Types of Truffle Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Truffle Boxes with cavity or inserts are made. Each truffle is placed in a butter paper tray and is held in its place by dividers. 6–the 8-piece paper tray is used in candy boxes and can be altered in number according to the number of truffles to be packed in a box. Handles can be attached to the truffle box for easy carrying.
Truffle Packaging Boxes for secure closure can be made with locks. Multiple accessories can be used to make the packaging look like a gift box for weddings and special events. Stone embellishment, pearls, and sequins can be used along with the ribbons for enhancement of the presentation of the box.
Truffle Packaging can be made in different box types like an auto bottom lockbox, lid and base type of box, sleeve box, clamshell box, front tuck double-layered box, reverse tuck, and many more. A birthday assorted truffle box can be made as a customized gift. A window-cut box can be made for the audience to drool over the irresistible truffles from within the box.
truffle boxes wholesale

Effects of Truffle Packaging on sale

Truffle Packaging Boxes can cause a spike in sales due to their distinguishing features of customization. Printing is the chief differentiating factor that makes a box stand out among other products. Box can be printed in white or black color with amazing hues on it or can have a colorful base with mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing. Boxes can have polka dots, glittery or embossed patterns, or shapes.
Wholesale Truffle Boxes can have glossy or matte lamination finishing with silver and gold foiling options. We make your box protected from smudging by AQ coating. Spot UV treatment cures the box for enhancement of texture. Text and flavors of the truffles with some important manufacturing details are printed on the box in various font sizes and styles. Images, relevant drawings, and visuals can be printed on the box in contrasting colors. The print pattern of a box is designed by a team of experts for each brand free of cost.
Truffle Packaging is made from a scratch-free coating that allows you to enjoy a shinier protected overlay. We offer noticeable discounts and offers while maintaining the standard of packaging boxes to facilitate the client to earn maximum profit. Business expansion and sales surge are achieved by incorporating trendy customized truffle boxes.
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Free Shipping of Truffle Boxes

Truffle Packaging is shipped free of cost worldwide. We make the client burdenless from the tedious task of the consignment delivery. Boxes reach you in their original form within 4-8 working days. Wholesale Truffle Boxes are shipped flat to save on storage and shipping. A tracking ID is assigned to each order.
Truffle Packaging Boxes are encouraged to be bought in bulk. We offer wholesale discounts as they are beneficial for both the box manufacturers and the client. Advantageous gross manufacturing saves us print designing and printing time. while the client can earn more profit and can conserve the handling and managing time as well.
truffle boxes wholesale

Why us?

Truffle Packaging is competent in terms of quality as they do not lose their form. They are crafted from robust material such as Kraft, cardboard, boxboard, or e-fluted corrugated material. They protect the chocolate truffles from losing their flavor and saves them from the adverse effects of external conditions.
Wholesale Truffle Boxes are satisfying the brands by serving dirt and impurity-free chocolates. They do not allow the entry of moisture and keeps the chocolate truffles dry. Boxes are compact and can be collapsed or folded. Boxes do not require complex recycling instead are degraded by biologically active agents.
Truffle Packaging Boxes are made in extinguishing designs and are controlled by the client himself. We have established an efficient link between the customer and the manufacturers through the customer representative team. Visit our website if you want to take an online quotation for a Custom Boxes Wholesale while being at home.