Why a Pune CBSE School isThe Best Choice For Your Child?

About Pune

Pune is situated in Maharashtra and is ranked as the 2nd largest city in Maharashtra. Pune is known to be “The Oxford of the East” as it is marked as the educational epicenter. The education quality is higher in Pune in comparison to other cities and is continuously booming.

Education Boards In Pune, India

There are a plethora of boards available in schools in Pune. They offer both Indian and International boards such as:

  • CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education
  • ICSE: The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
  • IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Cambridge University
  • IB: International Baccalaureate
  • State Board: State Government Recognized Board

About CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national board of education that is controlled by the Union Government of India. CBSE aims to achieve academic excellence through dynamic teaching patterns.There are a number of schools in Pune affiliated to the CBSE board.

Why is CBSE school the best choice over other boards?

Selecting among different boards can be a daunting process for parents. Each board has its advantage and imparts knowledge but in today’s scenario, there is a need that parents choose the education board that will provide maximum benefit to the students.

Benefits of CBSE:


The education system should be such that it may enable the students to unlock their potential without creating undue pressure or stress. CBSE is quite student-friendly as compared to other boards. The theoretical knowledge is clubbed with several fun activities that make the whole learning process very engaging.

Exams conducive to the positive environment

CBSE exams are such that students need not mug up things. Exams are comprehensive and help to analyse how much students learned in the entire process.

Future studies

CBSE curriculum helps to prepare for exams such as NEET, AIIMS, etc. It provides an extra edge to students over students of other boards.

Top-level learning methods

CBSE provides simple techniques of learning and incorporates faculty of high level. The teachers are competent and updated with the recent trends in learning and teaching methodology.

Ethics and personality development

CBSE curriculum advocates the overall growth of the students and encourages students to carry the core values and ethics in their life.

Which is the Best Pune CBSE School?

GIIS is one of the best Pune CBSE School. GIIS is recognized as the best international school in Pune because of its unconventional education system as well as smart campus facilities. GIIS has a tech-enabled campus designed to impart excellent skill-based teaching for students to enhance their learning abilities. It has two campuses in Pune – GIIS Smart campus Hadapsar and GIIS Smart campus Balwadi. This school is regarded as the best school in teaching excellence in the Times School Online education survey 2020.GIIS has already earned 150 national and international recognitions in the past many years. It has consistent trust from stakeholders and parents.

GIIS is affiliated to the CBSE board and they are known for their innovative frameworks so that students can do self-directed studies and get to win various awards and score better in exams.

Even before the pandemic, GIIS had smart campuses with experimental and project-based learning behind the conventional educational methods. They have emerged as a pioneer institution with a well-structured curriculum, ultramodern technologies, professional faculty, organized management, and administration process.

GIIS smart campuses are also equipped with advanced tools like sports data analytics, student performance improvement plan, and facial recognition system providing students help in enhancing their performance.

GIIS starts to nurture students at a very young age leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling the student’s dream of being supported to be placed in the topmost universities. The school also focuses on sports excellence, skill development, artistic skills, leadership skills, and universal values.


CBSE is indeed a rigorous and dynamic curriculum that has proved itself to be the best over the years. In the current scenario when there are several board options available for parents, choosing one best option for the child can be a challenging task but with proper information, parents can choose the best option for their child.