Why AthenaOne Makes for the Best Psychiatry EMR

How an AthenaOne Can Help your Psychiatry Practice 

If you are currently thinking of investing in an EMR software but cannot decide which one then we are here to tell you about all how AthenaOne in particular could potentially help your psychiatry practice with multiple features that it has. From helping you schedule appointments while optimizing your work day to helping you make virtual prescriptions; this software can do it all! 


So if you are in search of the best psychiatry EMR we can perhaps help you determine whether or not AthenaOne EHR would be that for you! So if you are indeed interested in AthenaOne for your psychiatry practice then keep reading! 

5 Features your Psychiatry EMR Should Have 

Interoperability for Better Treatment 

One of the reasons that AthenaOne happens to be one of the best psychiatry EMR options is because of the interoperability feature it has. With this feature you are able to access data from other users on the network which enables you to make faster and more accurate diagnosis. As a practitioner sometimes you might feel isolated and need support; which is exactly what this feature does; give you a way to connect with other professionals and see what they are doing and how they are going about treating it! 

Patient Portal for Reduced Administrative Responsibilities 

The next feature in AthenaOne we want to talk about is the patient portal feature. With this feature you patients can log on to a portal of their own and then execute several functions. From being able to schedule their own appointments to having a secure medium where they can communicate with you; this feature allows them to do it all. 


And the best part about it is that you are relieved from all your administrative duties which means you can focus on more important tasks than having to merely schedule appointments and what not for your patients! 


E-Prescription for Convenience 

Any EMR claiming to be the best psychiatry EMR should have an e-prescription feature. With this feature not only are you making things easier for yourself but also for your patients. You can make virtual prescriptions and send them directly to the pharmacy your patient prefers due to convenience and they can then go to it and collect the prescription directly from there. 


As a psychiatrist, you must see a lot of patients who come in for their depression, anxiety, and other such disorders which make it hard for them to function normally. Hence creating a choice for them that allows them to pick up their prescription from a convenient place instead of having to come to your office to get a prescription paper first makes things a lot easier! 

Template Options and Customizations 

The next feature in AthenaOne which we think helps to make it the best psychiatry EMR is the template feature. With this feature you can choose from a spate of template options and the software also has a template specifically for psychiatry. If the template does not suit your needs exactly you can also customize it so that it does!


All in all, with this software, you are able to make better patient notes and make them much quickly as well because of how easy the template designs make everything for you! 

Billing and Revenue Related Features

The last feature in AthenaOne EHR we want to tell you about is the billing feature which again makes things much simpler for you and lets you focus on your patients and their treatment instead of having to focus on things like billing. With the billing feature, the software takes care of things for you. From charge capture to reminders for repayment of bills; this software does it all. 


You no longer have to worry about manually going over bills or figuring out when a bill is due from a patient’s end since the software will automatically do this for you! 

How to Choose the Right Psychiatry EMR for Your Practice

So if you are now wondering whether or not we advise investing in AthenaOne EMR, we cannot make a direct recommendation unless we know the specifics of your medical practice. However we can give you tips which will help you come to your own decision. The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you want in an EHR software and compare those features to the ones available in AthenaOne. 


Other than that, we suggest asking the vendor for a AthenaOne EHR demo to see if the software is suitable to your needs. What turns out to be the best psychiatry EMR completely depends on whether you and your needs are being satisfied and nothing else.