Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Aligners are a much-preferred form of treatment to guide the teeth in the correct position over the traditional braces. Aligners do not use metal wires or brackets; they instead use gradual force to move the teeth in the correct position.

Invisalign alternative in Fort Lauderdale is also used, such as candid or byte. These also help to bring the teeth in the correct position. 

Aligners are made of strong plastic material and are custom designed for different patients. Aligners are worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day to get the desired result. The treatment may last for a few weeks in a patient or a few months. 

Aligners work by applying a gradual force on the teeth. Teeth are held to the jaw bone by a periodontal ligament floor lamp online. The force applied by an aligner forces the ligament away from its natural position; this, in turn, activates the osteoclasts (bone-eating cells) and osteoblast (bone-producing cells). These cells restructure the jaw bone and desired position of the teeth is achieved. 

In this post, we have discussed the benefits of aligners over traditional braces. 


  1. Invisible: Clear aligners are free of metal wires and nearly invisible. People around you would not even notice that you are wearing an aligner. 
  2. Removable: Clear aligners are easily removable. Before taking a picture or attending a party, you can easily remove the aligner. 
  3. No food restrictions: A clear aligner does not restrict any food item. Having braces restricts a person from eating popcorn or apples or anything that could potentially damage the braces or the bracket. However, aligners can be removed before eating anything. 
  4. No issues with brushing and flossing: As a clear aligner can be removed easily, there is no requirement for special brushes or flossing in between those tiny brackets. 
  5. No metal: People who have allergies to metals can opt for plastic aligners. Moreover, metal braces are unattractive. 
  6. Less dental appointments: A clear aligner treatment does not require a regular visit. Visiting once in 4-6 weeks is more than enough. Moreover, people who have traditional braces are well aware of their appointment being all about poking and pricking with wire. Whereas, in the case of plastic aligners, this is not an issue. 
  7. Comfort: People with braces and brackets have scars on the insides of their cheeks, and a sudden dash to the face or a hit to the lips can lead to bleeding because of the metal wires. In the case of aligners, these issues can be avoided entirely. 

Before opting for a clear aligner, you should contact your dentist. A dentist will develop the right treatment plan to align your teeth.