Why Choose Laser Marking Spray & Ink – Laserbond 100

Trying Laserbond100 for the first time?

Confused about the benefits of laser marking spray and ink?

Here is the article to help you choose wisely!

Laserbond 100, indeed, is one of the best brands in the market used for laser bonding; anyhow, it is recommended that you start with its aerosol spray for test and evaluation purposes. The aerosol spray cans are pre-mixed and ready to use. They do not require any dilution process as compared to liquid ink that is thick and concentrated. You only need to focus on the correct coating thickness and laser settings for the best, precise marks.

After trying & getting some experience with aerosol spray, move toward laser marking ink. It will help you determine the correct laser parameters and choose the best method for the application of liquid ink.

The liquid ink needs to be diluted with denatured alcohol following the precise dilution ratios for high-quality results.

You can easily switch between laser marking spray and ink once you know the technique to use them.

Anyhow, there are considerable economic advantages for switching to liquid ink when marking larger quantities. It costs $0.01 per square inch or less, depending on the container size. Whereas the spray costs $0.03.

Benefits and differences between both are listed in front of you. Choose what you consider best according to your requirements!