Why Choose Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The modern shaker kitchen cabinets are one of the hottest trends in today’s kitchen design, boasting both elegance and functionality. As a result, they are a popular choice among home builders and do-it-yourselfers. But if you aren’t interested in building your own cabinets, but still want them to look as great as possible, you may want to opt for some pre-made shaker units.

In addition to their streamlined appearance, shaker style cabinets also feature ample room for storage, as well as an organized look inside. The fact that shaker cabinets have clean, uncluttered lines makes them ideal for kitchens with small work spaces. Shaker cabinet doors usually feature a flat panel with no visible lines or beading around the edges. Also, there is usually no intricate routing or beading on these front-panel doors.

Although shaker kitchen cabinets have an overall clean, streamlined look, they can still have a variety of wood finish options. These finishes include natural, paintable, and distressed. They are easily customizable according to your taste, because there are so many different models and types to choose from. These kitchen cabinet styles are especially popular in contemporary kitchens. This is because they give the room an organized, clean look while lending a sense of sophistication. In fact, you might even think that the cabinets themselves are the statement of your taste in the kitchen.

However, shaker kitchen cabinets also have a vintage feel. This is because shaker units were first designed back in the twenties, when kitchen design was still in its infancy. Today, shaker style cabinets can add a nostalgic air to a modern kitchen, giving it a charming old-world charm. You can even choose to coordinate your shaker kitchen cabinets with the decor in your dining room, since most of today’s cabinets have glass front doors.

The best thing about shaker style cabinets is their versatility. They are both strong and sturdy, making them a perfect choice for countertops made of solid material like stone or ceramic tiles. Also, unlike the sloped, less-visible cabinet design, shaker units have a smooth, rounded front panel that has no visible seams. You can install the doors yourself if you want, or have a professional do it for you. Even if you have access to a workbench, shaker units are easy to open and close.

These days, the cabinets of choice among home builders and remodelers are shaker ones. A shaker cabinet allows you to build the illusion of space, because it has a higher ceiling that stretches to the floor. When the doors are open, the floor space below them is also exposed. Because the cabinets have a distinct shape, they can also be used to improve the look of an entire kitchen.

Unlike some cabinets that have wide, low profiles, shaker kitchen cabinets have a high vaulted profile. This gives the impression of wide open space to the outside. With shaker style cabinets, the entire space appears taller than it actually is. They can also help create a larger sense of space by creating separate panels for different areas of the cooking surface, like the island above the sink. You can use these to separate pots or pans, to organize your tools or to hide the appliances like the dishwasher.

Although shaker kitchen cabinets can cost more than other kinds of cabinets, their appeal and durability make up for the extra expense. Shakers are built to last, and they’re also built to look like they’re worth much more than they are. These cabinets are attractive and durable, which means that you’ll have them for many years. It’s easy to appreciate the extra effort that goes into the manufacturing of shaker kitchen cabinets.