Why Do You Need Physical Therapy to Avoid Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Every time you move your shoulder, that means you are using your rotator cuff for joint movement. Any tear or injury in this rotator cuff tear can cause mild to severe shoulder pain. The rotator cuff can get strained and damaged because of acute injury, car accidents, or overuse of your ligaments.

In some cases, damage to the rotator cuff may need surgery. Fortunately, some recent studies say that physical therapy sessions can be as effective as surgery. Because of this, specialists often suggest physical therapy to avoid rotator cuff surgery in Philadelphia.

By following a proper set of physical therapy protocols like stretching and strengthening, you can attain motion without surgery. Here are some more reasons why you need some physical therapy rehabilitation program for avoiding rotator cuff surgery-

  1. Improvement in ROM (Range of Motion)

With effective physical therapy sessions, you can regain an active range of motion (ROM). These are specially designed if you’ve limited mobility in your shoulder and arm areas.

Your therapist will first check the way your shoulder is moving and functioning. This helps them to guide you with exercises to use your muscle strength without any external help.  In some cases, light weights can also be used during exercise, depending on the shoulder condition.

  1. Ensures shoulder stabilization

Shoulder stabilization is another reason your doctor can recommend physical therapy to avoid rotator cuff surgery in Philadelphia. It is all about enhancing movement and controlling scapula. The scapula is a shoulder blade that is triangularly shaped on your upper back.

If you injure your rotator cuff, there’ll be difficulty in arm movement.  Because of this, you may start using your scapula to move it. This ultimately limits the normal arm movement.

In such cases, scapular stabilization exercises by the physical therapist can help you regain normal control of your arms and shoulder. Also, the best physical therapy after surgery helps stretch the muscles for comfortable mobility.

  1. Strengthening of Rotator Cuff

Physical therapy also contributes a lot to shoulder strengthening. If there are any weak rotator cuff muscles, then exercises prescribed by the therapists are beneficial for you. Regain strength and fitness with these exercises.

Physical therapy mainly focuses on decreasing the pain while raising the arm or keeping it in the resting position. After a thorough evaluation, therapists suggest treatment plans so that you can regain your normal shoulder and arm function.

Apart from these, therapeutic modalities such as heat and ice can also help you manage your pain. By using physical therapy, you can witness an improvement in the overall strength around your shoulder and muscular function. In this way, you can fully recover from a rotator cuff injury and avoid the surgery.

A suitable therapist will guide you with proper exercise and effective techniques to live a healthy and pain-free life. If you’ve undergone shoulder surgery, you must get the best physical therapy after surgery to ensure stability and restoring mobility. Choose a therapist with ample experience dealing with similar injuries and a successful track record.