Why Do You Need Professional Help For Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

Popcorn ceilings were all the rage in the late 60s and 70s when using a unique texture on the drywall was considered a quick and easy way to hide imperfections and improve the sound quality in the room. Applying popcorn ceilings to your home did not require any painting.

However, the rough texture of these catches a lot of dust and dirt, making it equally difficult to get rid of them. It is why professional Painted popcorn ceiling removal is important to achieve the desired results.

Why opt for Painted popcorn ceiling removal?

It is observed that removing the popcorn ceiling is a tough task that requires specific equipment and skills to attain the best results. The problem worsens when the ceiling cracks or develops holes that may need a patching up.

Apart from this, Acoustic ceiling removal is a complicated task that needs attention from experts, especially if there is a presence of asbestos. Overcoming the issue can be problematic, especially if you lack sufficient help.

Starting with the task of the Acoustic ceiling removal

Before you begin with the trouble of prepping up the room for the popcorn ceiling removal, you need to take up the process of doing a scrape test. Try scraping the area of the same. For this, you need to dampen the area and then allow the texture to come off. Once the same happens, scrape the area and send it for testing. However, if the area doesn’t come off after dampening, then the same has been painted, and you need the help of an experienced and professional service provider to attain the best results.

Prep for the big mess

Even if you seek experts’ aid, it is vital to ensure that your home stays clean and clear during the removal process. Here you need to use canvas clothes or similar covering material to handle the situation. If you are using DIY projects, it is best to use plastic covers to attain the best results. Once you are done, you can easily throw these into the bin.

If you believe that investing in these is too much, you can remove all the furniture from the room. Removing everything from the room helps to reduce the mess post the removal.

Why are DIY solutions complicated?

Painted ceiling removal can be a tough task that leaves a lot of dust and debris in its aftermath. If you are using DIY solutions, you may need equipment like a sprayer, scraping device, protective gear, etc. As a result, the process is time and cost-intensive. Thus, it is not easy for all homeowners to take up such projects on their own. Even if they do, they end up with a lot of mess on their hands, making the situation complicated and tiring.

The issue may take a turn for the worst when asbestos is involved. The same can require professional expertise to ensure that asbestos exposure is minimal.

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