Why Driving Old And Small Cars Are Not Safe For Young Drivers?

If you get a chance to know about the death rates in a car crash in Toronto, it might be surprising for you to know that drivers below and around 25 years die at car crash more with their old and small cars. And it is not really coincident. Data shows that the chances of getting into a car crash get increased by at least 11% when you are driving small and old cars.

When you are young and a beginner in driving, it is understandable that you cannot invest in new big cars. That is why young drivers often get small old used models that have lived their time of glory on the road and now are not really in the best shape to be driven. So, if you are wondering why you should steer clear of these cars, then here are a few facts for you. Take a look.

Small Car means Less Visibility:

When you are driving a small car, it will give you less visibility on the road. Think about it. When you are driving on a highway behind a big vehicle like a truck, given the size of your car, you might not be totally visible to the side view mirrors. Also, at night on the roads with limited or not lights, a small car will be hardly visible, especially when you pull over. Hence, it is not a safe option.
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No Latest Update for Maneuvering:

When a car company launches their new car, they offer some new updates with the model. These cars come with the latest technology or facilities that will offer smooth maneuvering on the road. These facilities will also make the driving experience smoother. But when you are getting an old car, you will not get any such updated facilities. Hence, you will have limited maneuvering options on the road while driving. This is why driving an old car can be dangerous for you. Also, when you are getting a course from a driving school Ontario, they will offer the course depending on the latest standard facilities. Your old car might not have them.

Sudden Risks of Stopping:

When you are getting an old car that is second-handed, it is more likely that you are getting the car that has been repaired multiple times. And with every time repair, it has lost its efficiency. Also, it is pre-owned by one or more than one person, then it is most likely that the parts have been replaced with some old junk parts. That is a popular practice. People don’t replace the parts with the new ones often due to the cost. So, they get the parts that are recovered from the dumped cars in the junkyard. This can effectively make your car less than ideal to be driven. As a result, your car might just suddenly stop working on the road. This will increase your chances of getting into a crash.

Lack of Safety Precautions:

An old car doesn’t have safety facilities like properly functioning seat belts, airbags that will open at the right time, automatic brakes, safety locks for doors and so on. That is why if you are in a crash, the risk of major injury and fatality gets increased with an old small car.

So, when you are getting a course from a driving school and planning to get a car, go for a new one.